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Battlestar Rising
August 2017
Released: 2017, Arts Gates
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

We all love (or loved) fairytales. Those magical mythical stories that captivate us at an early age when dreams and imagination are still very powerful and real, before the weight of the real world crushes us down with the unpleasant (but necessary) realities of ‘real’ life. To escape the mundane, artists, poets, writers and composers from across the ages have delved into imaginary worlds and I feel that the German Power Metal band, Fairytale has taken this feeling to heart.

After an independent debut in 2011, Fairytale has singed to Art Gates Records and released their sophomore effort BATTLESTAR RISING. I don’t know about you, but to me a band with a name like ‘Fairytale’ would probably lyrically dabble in realms of fantasy, rather than Science Fiction but be that as it may, Fairytale second album is a full-on Sci-Fi concept album. It starts with an official sounding, military styled narrated announcement saying that the second war of alien invasion has started and that the Battlestar is now in command after the destruction of HQ in the first wave of attacks. After the brief intro, the album launches into the atmosphere and does not look back. The intro is a bit creepy because it it is called 'Face The Truth' and the 'truth' is that mankind is on the brink of annihilation in the story!

BATTLESTAR RISING is the bands second album and the first to feature new vocalist, Carsten. The traditional / Power Metal albums is loaded with good riffs, great sings and solid performances all around. The band writes pretty conventional Metal songs in the 3-5 minute range but they are not afraid to stretch out a bit as they do on the 6+ minute long title track. The production is nice and loud and mixed well. There are some killer fats songs like ‘Viper Pilots’ and ‘Colony (The Final Battle)’. There are some decent mid-paced to up tempo galloping cuts as well like ‘Man And Machine’. There are any number of above average to very good traditional Power Metal bands and it is tough to stand out but Fairytale is as good and enjoyable as any of them.

Fairytale have not been super-prolific and it has been six years since the debut. It’s hard to get momentum when you are young band and big gaps in bring metal to the masses doesn’t help. This new album should help them make up some ground very quickly and I’m impressed with BATTLESTAR RISING.
Track Listing

1. Face the Truth
2. Battlestar Rising
3. Cain
4. Man or Machine
5. Scar
6. The Weird & the Mad
7. Viper Pilots
8. New Caprica
9. Final Five
10. The Opera House
11. The Admiral's Speech
12. Colony (The Final Battle)


Carsten Hille Vocals
Colin Brinker Guitar
Stefan Klempnauer Guitar
Frank Buchta Bass
Christopher Instenberg Drums



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