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August 2012
Released: 2011, N/A
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Fistula began around 98 and since their inception have had more than a few line-up changes. They’ve released countless vinyls and ep’s over the years and have worked on splits with a few bands. Now settled, they present this EP, Loser.

Opening with the sludge-fest that is Picking up Chicks which breaks before bursting into the throwaway hardcore track for a minute before launching back into the sludge-a-thon. They use that feel and feedback so well in this track, it will hang there and pulsate, giving you the feeling of organised chaos surround by the security of random. At any moment it’ll twist and turn like a writhing cobra. The third track is titled I’m Glad Nate’s Not in A.C. (Anal Cunt) and is a typically simply hardcore track that disappears as soon as its come.

The fourth track The Hounds, is a pounding and brutal track that grooves and grinds along. The Hounds has a Domination type feel but transposed to the sludge world. Beautifully aggressive and relentless for two minutes before the break takes you into their awesome slow grooves. This is a band that and really do it at both ends so to speak, going from the relentless thrash and madness, to the dirtiest of grooves that can bend your ears into ways you’d never thought. The singer Jesse Kling provides a masterful vocal on this track, which I may have to say is probably my favourite here. But there are plenty more here to choose from!

Mutant Tooth is another hardcore song that rushes along like a bull on speed. They again stick to their formula of going from one-hundred miles an hour to a dead halt and bringing on the slow jam. I think this formula works incredibly well and its definitely something I would pay to see live. Fistula’s Loser is a great EP. If you like Sludge and Hardcore, check it out.

Review by: Danny Draper
Track Listing

1 - Picking Up Chicks
2 - I’m Glad Nate’s Not in A.C.
3 - The Hounds
4 - Mutant Tooth
5 - Loser
6 - Coma Forever


Corey Bing - Guitar
Nate Linehan - Drums
Dave Johnson - Drums
Jesse Kling - Vocals
Mike Duncan - Bass
Matt Rositano - Guitar

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