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We Rule The Night
November 2014
Released: 2014, Limb Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Earlier this summer, l learned that the second Firewolfe album was coming out this fall. Intrigued, I took a gamble on the self-titled, debut album and I bought it direct from their website without hearing a note and I was blown away. It was awesome and I reviewed it in August. Feel free to check out my review. The new album, WE RULE THE NIGHT is now out and it is better!

As I mentioned in my other review, it is easy to see why this all-star group got picked up by Limb. I’m sure this will be their breakout album. Founded by Nick Layton he has surrounded himself with some big guns, Jay Schellen (Unruly Child, Hurricane) and David FeFolt (Hawk, Masi, Angels Of Babylon) on vocals and Bobby Ferkovich (Heir Apparent, Presto Ballet) on bass replacing Zack Uidl. The album looks good and sounds good. The cover is a big improvement over the original album, but still keeping with the wolf theme. It looks similar to the recent Death Angel album, but that is no shock as the same artist, Eliran Kantor (Iced Earth, Testament) did the job.

I get such a classic Metal vibe on this album, reminding me of Riot, Burning Starr and Fifth Angel. The lyrics are heartfelt and world-weary by these veterans who seen and done it all, especially the lyrics of ‘Long Road Home’. It’s a great song saying it wasn’t easy but we wouldn’t do it any other way. The song structure is simple and classic most of the cuts in the 4-5 minute range with strong choruses that are very catchy. Good riffs drive the songs along at a mid-tempo to quick pace but the band isn’t afraid to sit back in the pocket a little bit and let the song-writing take over, leaving displays of flash to other bands. That is not to say the band can’t play, far from it the individual performances are all top-notch but the song come first. David really takes the band up a notch with strong performances delivered with sincerity and intensity. There is almost a slightly, perhaps melancholy tone at times as the band is not afraid to let the songs breathe and ride in slower pace.

The band have perfectly blended American Metal framework with a European sensibility that few bands were ever able to perfect, except perhaps bands like Dokken and Scorpions at their heaviest. WE RULE THE NIGHT is a superb album that I feel will really appeal to an older Metal crowd and show the younger generation how it was done without gimmicks. It is a truly sophisticated, mature and well-rounded Metal album.
Track Listing

1. We Rule the Night
2. The Devil's Music
3. Late Last Night
4. A Senator's Gun
5. Long Road Home
6. Who's Gonna Love You?
7. Ready to Roll
8. Betrayal's Kiss
9. Luck of the Draw
10. Dream Child


David Fefolt Vocals
Nick Layton Guitars
Bobby Ferkovich Bass
Jay Schellen Drums



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