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Burning Earth
November 2003
Released: 2003, Leviathan Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Back with another blazing platter of riff razing metal is Firewind. After discovering this band last year I proceeded to rate their debut disc BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL as the #10 release for 2002 in our poll of the best discs of the year. Here it is just a scant 12 months after the release of that album and Firewind is unleashing another awesome metal masterpiece on the masses. The band is fronted by guitarist Gus G. (Dream Evil, Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage) and vocalist Stephen Fredrick (Kenziner). Joining Firewind is a new rhythm section comprised of Greek bass player, Petros Christo (ex-Breaking Silence) and Norwegian drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind).

The bands has refined their sound ever so slightly and offer up a CD that keeps intact the sound the band developed on FROM HEAVEN AND HELL but adds a level of cohesiveness that marks the bands time together. Opening track “Steal The Blind” kicks BURNING EARTH into overdrive immediately with is pounding double bass and ripping guitar courtesy of Gus G. It’s a wonder with all the bands he is in that he can keep coming up with these memorable riffs but do it he does. “I Am The Anger” is probably the catchiest song the band has ever written with its crunching riffs ala G. It is hard to not bang your head while listening to this track. Stephen Fredrick gets to stretch his vocal chords a bit as well with his performance on BURNING EARTH. From the scorching “Burning Earth” through the emotive “Brothers Keeper” and finally with their tribute to fallen soldiers “The Last Day” Fredrick emphasizes his range and ability to compliment the music which is one of the reasons that BURNING EARTH is such a strong release.

From the minute I popped this CD into my player it was hard to turn it off. The vocals of Fredrick blend with the riffs of Gus G. to create the perfect balance of power and emotion. The production is also excellent as David T. Chastain and Gus G. produced the CD while none other than Gus’ Dream Evil bandmate Fredrik Nordstrom did the final mixing at Studio Fredman in Sweden. When I had first heard BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL I wondered if Firewind could deliver another CD that would live up to the debut. I need not have worried as Firewind did that and more. They are definitely one of the shining new lights in metal.
Track Listing

Steal Them Blind
I Am The Anger
Immortal Lives Young
Burning Earth
The Fire & The Fury
You Have Survived
Brother's Keeper
Waiting Still
The Longest Day



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