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Bring ‘em out LIVE
September 2000
Released: 2000, Spitfire
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Right off the bat I am going to state that Firehouse aren’t metal. I have always thought of them as just good hard rock. The fact that they came along at the end of the 80s hair metal explosion helped them get established while at the same time getting them pigeonholed with many of the other no talent record label created bands that flooded the scene at this time. Now I know that Firehouse will be remembered eternally for the ballad "Love of a Lifetime" that has become a perennial wedding and graduation song. What is overlooked is that they managed to release some hard rockin tunes in between their commercially successful ballads. The band was formed in 1988 from the remnants of 2 other east coast hard rock acts and they immediately went to work writing and recording new material. The lineup consisted of Bill Leverty on guitar, Michaels Foster: drums, C.J. Snare: vocals and Perry Richardson on bass. The band released 5 CDs between 1990 and 1999 and in 2000 released this LIVE cd on Spitfire Records. With their back catalogue having sold over 6 million records world wide bring ‘em out LIVE contains all their trademark tunes.

bring ‘em out LIVE was recorded in Osaka Japan. Firehouse opens up the set with the intro from their debut self titled CD which leads into the track "Overnight Sensation". This is a bit of trademark song for the band where they extol the message that everyone can do and be whatever they want. "All She Wrote" is up next and the version here is a tad slower than that found on their first CD. "Hold Your Fire" is played true to the original and is one of the highlights of the disc as this is one of their heavier tracks. Other tracks on the disc include "Reach for the Sky", "Don’t Walk Away" and an encore rendition of their breakout track "Don’t Treat Me Bad". The disc wouldn’t be complete without the Firehouse ballads "When I look Into Your Eyes", "I Live My Life For You" and their biggest hit "Love of a Lifetime". 15 tracks that give a pretty good overview of the bands career over the last 10 years.

Firehouse have been around longer than most people would have given them credit for back in 1990. There is obviously a market for their music. That being said Firehouse has fallen mightily from the release of their first CD, which went double platinum in the States alone, to 1999 when their CD Category 5 didn’t even get released in North America. Firehouse haven’t changed their style at all. They still play the same hard rock music that they played in 1990 even though it is not the "in thing". For a live album this disc has nothing new to offer from other live discs. It doesn’t even have any cover songs or bonus tracks. What is does contain is music from a band that is still doing what they and their fans want even though they are not the "flavour of the month".
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