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Annihilate The Evil
November 2017
Released: 2017, Limb
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Wars will come and wars will go. As do bands who write and sing about such wars that have waged on since the dawn of time. FireForce are one of those bands. Combat power metal is how they describe themselves. It is what is in the lyrics that determine this label. Yet another genre split for metal fans to try and remember. This is something that has always irritated me. We’ll save that thought for another time.

A traditional metal sound is what they protrude. ANNIHILATE THE EVIL is the 3rd full-length by these Belgins. I have checked out a couple of their previous tracks from the web and I must say, for fans of the band, you shouldn’t be too disappointed. That is unless you were expecting something new and different. They seem to be on the path that is working for them right now.

A path that is that is a pretty good one. For those unfamiliar, I think it is fair to say that this is one you must try to digest. On first listen, I was not blown away so-to-speak. After a couple, more focused attempts to enjoy this, I did! Maybe focused is not the correct terminology here, but there are some albums that do not do it for me till a couple of tries.

There is great musicianship within the walls of FireForce. A double-bass drum attack full of galloping guitars and searing solos that are almost spine-chilling. The vocals are a bit raspy sounding, but fit almost perfect with the style of metal they play. There is close influences of Accept, Running Wild, Sabaton and Grave Digger.
Track Listing

1. The Boys from Down Under
2. Revenge in Flames
3. Fake Hero
4. Dog Soldiers
5. Oxi Day
6. Thyra's Wall
7. Defector (Betrayer of Nations)
8. The Iron Brigade
9. White Lily (Okhotnik)
10. Iron, Steel, Concrete, Granite
11. Herkus Mantas
12. Gimme Shelter


Erwin Suetens - Guitar
Flype - Vocals
Geert Van Dyck -Bass
Thierry Van Der Zanden - Guitars
Patrick Sacré - Drums



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