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April 2004
Released: 2004, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

For many, apparently, news concerning any new release from the Finland´s ´polkka-humppa-troll´ metallers Finntroll is always a thrilling event in itself. The band just recently released a 5-song mini-CD titled TROLLHAMMAREN which proved very well that the whole band is in a great shape, making their own very unique sounding metal with that no one has even managed to touch in originality and its all uniqueness.

Finntroll´s 3rd full-length album, NATTFÖDD, is a few steps further from the whole band toward a more varied, melodic, richer and more mature sound. I would say that all those familiar Finntroll –elements that you have heard on their previous albums, are still there and are easily to be tracked down on NATTFÖDD, but the way how the songs have been built musically when a great number of different instruments/effects (like accordion, banjo, mouth harp, choirs, Russian balalaika type of things, etc.) takes place in their songs, strengthens Finntroll´s already distinctive sound even more and only prove what a great, single force they have become and grown amongst the Finnish metal scene during these past few years. The band´s ´new´ headtroll Wilska does also a very convincing job on the vocal department, filling up enormous troll traces of band´s previous growler Katla amazingly well – even keeping Wilska´s physical size in our mind, heh! He isn´t any baby-troll, I can tell.

In my opinion Finntroll´s most creative juices and truest troll blood have run the best possible way in such songs on the album as "Eliytres", "Trollhammaren", "Nattfödd" and "Grottanns Barn" where the guys´ brilliant sense and understanding for some truly catchy and mind-sticking melodies come out a splendid way whereas in "Marknadsvisan" all men of holy and Christians are about to face the true rage of these gruesome and malicious armies of Finntroll, like they wouldn´t have deserved it in the first place, ha! In "Marknadsvisan" Finntroll goes to Black Metal for a short moment, riding on the wings of inferno ´til the last dawn or something...

However, there´s still one thing I wanna whine about on NATTFÖDD. Well, the guys of Finntroll, as their band name already tells loud and clear, are Finnish (uh, now that´s a surprise, isn´t it, he!), so why on earth they have to use Swedish language in their song titles? I just don´t get it, sorry... They indeed sound like ´Swedetroll´ for my uncorrupted ears, but I guess I´m alone with my ´problem´. Oh well, I know that I must be complaining in vain because Finntroll have made an album which they don´t have to ashamed of at all. Another release can now be added to their roster...
Track Listing

01. Vindfärd/Människopesten
02. Eliytres
03. Fiskarens Fiende
04. Trollhammaren
05. Nattfödd
06. Ursvamp
07. Marknadsvisan
08. Det Iskalla Trollblod
09. Grottans Barn
10. Routas Vaggvissa


Wilska – Vocals
Skrymer - Guitar
Routa – Guitar
Tundra – Bass
Dominator – Drums
Trollhorn - Keyboards

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