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July 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Michael De Los Muertos

Is there even a need for this review? It’s a new album by Finntroll, and thus by definition you know it’s going to be great. With NATTFÖDD, their third full-length album, they keep up their track record. It’s absolutely terrific, and once again Finntroll deliver something truly noteworthy in the folk-metal genre!

In case you’ve been living on Neptune for the last several years, you should already know that Finntroll combine traditional Finnish polka styles, called “humppa,” with blistering black and death metal. Even non-metalheads who hear a snippet or two of Finntroll have no trouble identifying it as “death polka.” Finntroll puts you right back in that mindset with the first track, “Vindfard/Manniksopesten,” which makes you instinctively want to dance boisterously, drink heavily and mercilessly crush everything in your path. The mayhem continues through nine more tracks that never seem to let up for a second. Using a lot of inventive keyboard melodies that sound sometimes like accordions and Elizabethan-era mandolins, Finntroll sets a unique aural stage and then lets loose with blistering metal. “Trollhammaren” is one of the album’s best examples of this, even employing the party-like shouting at the end of the choruses that I liked very much the first time I heard it on JAKENS TID. I also love the downtuned bass opening of “Det Iskalla Trollblod” and the funny little “boinging” noises on “Grottans Barn” that make me think of bluegrass music—before an ice-cold, almost doomy-sounding dirge makes you think of frozen mountains and very pissed-off Vikings. There are so many memorable moments on this album that it’s tough to figure out which track stands out.

What’s more, this album picks up even more momentum upon repeated listens. Catchy and illuminating on even the first hear, if you play it several times you’ll really find yourself wrapped up in the music. NATTFÖDD clearly matches, if not outstrips, Finntroll’s previous triumph with the seminal JAKENS TID. It’s truly a fantastic album.

I would recommend this disc to any metal fan, regardless of whether they have a particular affinity for folk metal or not. Finntroll has yet to put out a release that sucks. NATTFÖDD is no exception. This may be one of the best albums of 2004!
Track Listing

1. Vindfard/Mannikskopesten
2. Eliytres
3. Fiskarens Fiende
4. Trollhammaren
5. Nattfödd
6. Ursvamp
7. Marknadsvisan
8. Det Iskalla Trollblod
9. Grottans Barn
10. Routas Vaggvisa


B. Dominator – drums
Skrymer – guitars
Trollhorn – keyboards
Tundra – bass
Wilska – vocals
Routa – guitars



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