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Fink, Jesse
The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC (Book Review)
November 2014
Released: 2014, St. Martin's Press
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

The Young brothers will probably never write or even authorize a book on AC/DC. While former bassist Mark Evans wrote his autobiography and current vocalist Brian Johnson wrote one with no insight on the band it is doubtful we’ll get anything official from the brothers which is what makesy this book is particularly interesting.

Being a casual AC/DC fan since the 80’s I was very interested in reading about the iconic band, especially the early years. It is the early years that interest me as that is when the band released their best material. Many will disagree but after Bon passed the band went down the tubes. Yes BACK IN BLACK was a massive success but it lacked musically. This book sheds light onto those early years and member changes as well as the inner workings of the band. A few thoughts I had on the band were verified in the book and some make total sense. The Brothers who built AC/DC are not really Angus and Malcolm but more so Malcolm and George. Angus is the image but Malcolm is the brains of the operation. As I was finishing up the reading of this book Malcolm announced his retirement from the band. A sad day as he was the anchor of the band. His rhythm guitar along with the groove of Rudd’s drumming gave the band their sound. That is the common factor on those latter 70’s album’s I loved so much with Bon’s vocals. Fink’s book sheds that light onto the band. There is much discussion on recording, management and labels but zero dirt on the band unless you count how ‘Well’ they treat their employees. They are businessmen and that is it.

There is little focus on the years after Bon passed. They do discuss BACK IN BLACK and FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK and a bit on FLICK OF THE SWITCH but it ends there for the most part. The heyday was over and the band cannot continue at that level anymore. Unless we get the official book direct from one of the Young’s this and Evan’s books are the closest we’ll ever get. A good read that was enjoyable and interesting.
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