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Finger Eleven
The Greyest Of Blue Skies
November 2000
Released: 2000, BMG / Wind-Up
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Oh joy, yet another band that thinks that they're metal when they're really not even close. Actually, I shouldn't say that, Finger Eleven at least has some potential. This Canadian band (Oh joy, just what we need is another lame-ass band to drag down our musical rep) is the epitome of corporate rock mediocrity. This is their second release as Finger Eleven and I really don't hear anything on this CD that inspires me to praise them. At this point, the band sounds confused. Do they want to be heavy metal, or do they want to be corporate rock whores?

See, songs like "Drag You Down" and "Suffocate" sound like a band that really wants to just let loose the heaviness and let their music really rage. On the other hand, the band also lets loose with wimp rock like "For The Ocean" (imagine a new Bush song), "Bones & Joints" (to the letter commercial ballad) and "Broken Words" (hmmm, sounds like 3 Doors Down). Sounds like we've got a bit of an identity crisis here.

Finger Eleven should really consider telling their record label or manager or whoever is telling them to play it safe to screw off. When the band does get heavy(er) the sound pretty damn good, if still a bit too commercial, but the rest of the album (about 8 of 11 tracks) is just too typical of today's "hard rock". I dunno, it's not that Greyest… is particularly bad, it's just that there are too many other awesome/heavier bands out there. Finger Eleven shouldn't be surprised if they get lost in the shuffle.
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