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Final Tragedy
January 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Final Tragedy rose from the ashes of French techno thrash band Etheric Soul as that band split because of creative differences in 1996. Vocalist Delphine Cochand and guitar, bass and keyboardist Jean-Luc Millot changed their musical style and set out to create their own sound. In 1996 Final Tragedy released their first 3 song demo entitled FINAL TRAGEDY which was followed up by TRIAL OF TEARS in 1998. Both demos garnered media attention in the bands native France but also more importantly in Japan, South America and the U.S. After being approached by a label to record an 8 song diusc the band re-records the 4 songs from the TRIAL OF TEARS demo along with 4 new tracks. The label support fell through so the band released GREED on their own.

The style of this CD is hard to pin down. The band call themselves progressive metal but that’s not exactly what I would pin the sound as. It is more an amalgam of gothic metal with a smattering of prog. Almost as if Lacuna Coil hit Vanden Plas head on in a bus crash and this is the result of the collision. “Lethal Pursuit: opens the disc with one of the more aggressive songs from the CD which they follow up with “Speak the Words”, this song takes a more low key approach with a greater emphasis on keyboards. The prog leanings of the band show themselves more prominently on the track “On a Fall’s Night” as the guitar work is much more intricate than the basic structure found on the rest of the CD. The CD closes with the 11:16 track “The Gift”. This song is broken up into “Part I: Purgatory” and “Part II: Resurrection”.

I had a bit of trouble getting my head around this CD at first. I guess In was not in the mood for the bands brand of mellow goth-prog. This CD is best listened to with the lights off and candles burning. The music is very atmospheric and haunting. Part of this is the result of the final mix. The vocals are a bit far back which gives them an echoing quality that adds to the atmosphere of the disc. With Moonstone and Heavenly making waves in the French metal scene its only a matter of time before Final Tragedy makes their break through.
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