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Fifth Reason
November 1997
Released: 1997, Heathendoom Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Morgana Leafy, Candlemass, Momento Mori, etc.... Now there is Fifth Reason, the next band in a long line of great European metal bands. Psychotic may not contain a lot of new or ground breaking material but still amounts to a fine doomy power metal CD. Psychotic is enjoyable from beginning to end and is something that I will listen to often.

Fifth Reason was formed in mid-1992 by Simon Johansson and Nicklas Oreland, one year after they recorded a promotional demo called "Stranded." Simon then became a member of the Leif Edling project ABSTRACT ALGEBRA thereby putting Fifth Reason on ice for about a year. Abstract's debut album was released in early 1995 and during the same year they played festivals in Sweden and throughout Europe. During this period Simon never let the idea of Fifth Reason die. Thus when the split of ABSTRACT ALGEBRA became reality (even though he joined forces with Memory Garden the later half of 1996) he had a discussion with Kristain Andren (ex-member of Tad Morose / Momento Mori) about reforming Fifth Reason. Simon also recruited Martin Larsson and Oscar Tillman for the Fifth Reason lineup.

Early in 1997 the foursome got a record deal with Sweden's HEATHENDOOM MUSIC. Writing began immediately for the debut album. Simon then contacted Mike Wead (guitarist of Mercyful Fate, Momento Mori, etc...) To produce the CD. Next came the addition of second guitarist Marco A. Nicosia (also a member of HEXENHAUS) finalizing the lineup.

The result of this grouping of experienced and talented musicians is Psychotic - a progressive, aggressive, technical, melodic metal album. Anyone with any understanding of metal or heavy music will undoubtedly hear the European sound and influences on this CD. The highlight of the CD is the musicianship of all involved. The lead guitar playing is great - fast, technical, melodic, maybe not 100% new but amazing nonetheless. Kristian's vocals are equally impressive - powerful, clear, and melodic. His vocal talents are well evidenced on "A Shadow Remains" which is an acoustic song who's only downfall is that it uses the main section of King Diamond's "Them" as its outro. The best song on the CD is the title track, which alone summarizes what the rest of the CD has to offer.

For more information on Fifth Reason Write to:

Heathendoom Music

Box 36, S-11479

Stockholm, Sweden

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