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July 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Those that may not know, Feared was the main project of The Haunted guitarist Ola Englund prior to his joining that group. Formed in 2006 and still an on-going project despite Englund’s busy times in The Haunted, as of this writing in 2016, Feared is celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a group. To celebrate, the band decided to re-record some of their favorite tracks off of their first two albums, FEARED and REJECTS. For a listener like me who is unfamiliar with the band’s work, this is a great way to catch up their music.

After an opening atmosphere-setting cut, “Fall of Man” bursts out of the speakers in a furious death/thrash assault, not entirely unlike Englund’s other group. It’s precise, cutting music topped with harsh but decipherable vocals designed to snap necks. The band is tight as hell, featuring not only Englund, but also drummer about town Kevin Talley and bassist Jocke Skog, who we will forgive for also being a member of rap-rock outfit Clawfinger. The point here is these are highly proficient musicians shredding their instruments in glorious fashion purely for the love of heavy music.

Back to the music, “World Eater” follows in the same high-speed vein as “Fall of Man”, while “Lords Resistance Army” slows down a bit to writhe in a mid-paced groove. Later, “The Morgue” slows things down even further to a venomous dirge which allows Ramos to show off his effective clean vocals. While not my favorite cut on the album, it certainly proves that Feared have impressive song writing range. And speaking of Ramos, he also utilizes a Phil Anselmo-styled shout that is just too “aggro, bro!” for my liking, making songs like an already ‘core-ish song like “Breaking the Cycle” a bit of a chore to sit through. I applaud him for his versatility, but his clean vocals and growls are more than effective enough.

All told, it’s somewhat surprising that a band as talented and professional as Feared has existed for a decade without making a bigger impact. Fans into either death or thrash metal will find much to enjoy in Feared’s music. Quality.
Track Listing

1. Opening Scene
2. Fall of Man
3. World Eater
4. Lords Resistance Army
5. Our Dying World
6. The Morgue
7. The Turn
8. Breaking the Cycle
9. My Last Line
10. Changes
11. OCD
12. The Bridge


Mario Ramos: Vocals
Ola Englund: Guitar
Jocke Skog: Bass
Kevin Talley: Drums



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