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March 2017
Released: 2014, Athens Thrash Attack
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Manos X

Not so long ago I was attending a gig with local bands. It was the second day of a 3 day trash fest. If you’re a thrash freak like me you know what this means.

Beer, headbanging, moshing, screaming (an occasional fight) in other words a really fuckin good time.

At some point a young band hit the stage. Their energetic frantic and furious performance overshadowed all previous and later bands with ease. Awesome stage presence, some serious musicianship, professionalism and a drummer that was playing like his life was depending on it.

I couldn’t resist and bought their album titled PANTOPHOBIA.

Faded is a very young band and this is their 2nd release following the THRASH BANDICOOT EP released in 2011. The style of these guys can easily be described as in your face thrash. Influences ranging from bands like Nuclear Assault, Forbidden, Metallica (from the first 2 albums) and maybe some traces of early Slayer from their godly SHOW NO MERCY era.

Musically there are no surprises here fast to mid paced but overall not complicated drumming followed by typical riffs and vocals that really fit the music’s vibe. What really stands out is an impressive display of tasty lead guitar work. Stamatis Syrakos show casts impressive guitar skills and his solos are heavily influenced by the bands mentioned before. When I saw them perform he was also handling lead vocals and I must say that he excelled in both departments. However in PANTOPHOBIA all vocals are handled by rhythm guitarist Thodoris. His voice is a mix of early James Hetfield (remember first 2 album of Metallica?) and surprisingly of the late Quorthon from black metal/thrash/epic pioneers Bathory, this is more than obvious on HEAVENFALL.

While progressing through the album some Kreator influences make their appearance in the vocal delivery as well in songwriting in ANOTHER SELFISH APPRENTICE one of the album’s best tunes.

Got to mention that the killer drummer who I saw perform with isn’t present here. His furious bombastic drumming is sorely missed here since drum performance of the album is just a bit above average lacking intensity and imagination that current drummer Maelstrom brings to the table. Production is adequate clear and precise but without sounding too modern or sterile. So if anyone is expecting mathcore gigantic 8 and 9 string guitars supported by 12 string bass he is free to look elsewhere.

PANTOPHOBIA is a decent album. It’s clear that Fadom are on the beginning of their musical journey and this is reflected on their songwriting. It’s obvious there is plenty of talent here but more time is still needed for it to be developed and cultivated. If there’s something I miss here is higher speeds and more complexity something that I feel would be a great match for their music and style. Faded is one hell of a beast when it comes to performing live and I truly urge you watching them upon getting the chance. I am certain that their ferociousness will be apparent in a future release so great things are to be expected from these guys.
Track Listing

1. Massive Destruction
2. Pantophobia
3. Thrasholution (Thrash Is Solution)
4. Insidious Nurturing
5. Inhuman Annihilation Project
6. Heavenfall
7. Another Selfish Apprentice
8. Thrash Bandicoot


Thodoris Vocals, Guitar
Stamatis Guitar
Kostas Fadom Bass
Mitsos Drums



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