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Fear Absolute
The Truth
June 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Y’know, you’ve gotta love the DIY work ethic of struggling metal bands. Take the band in question, Fear Absolute. No slick, glossy record company bio, no slick, glossy record cover, and certainly no slick, glossy music. Instead we get a personalized letter/mini bio that obviously shows the excitement that the guys have for their music, and an obviously home-created CD cover that, despite not being professional, still looks cool. Sometimes it’s just that much cooler when you can see the effort that a band puts in to their art.

And the music? Well, I’d say that Fear Absolute is plying a kind of almost progressive death metal. None of the songs on this disc go for less than 5 minutes, instead choosing a more winding (but no less aggressive) path. Also to their credit is the fact that the band isn’t afraid to step away from the constant blasting of many of their brethren and utilize a less abrasive, almost power-metally attack. Don’t worry, it’s not prissy in the least and there are no keyboards in sight. Still, one listen to “Emptiness” and you’ll see what I mean. The song is heavy and aggressive, but is also somehow more melodic perhaps. Other examples are the lengthy guitar solo section of “The Truth” which takes the song out of it’s blastbeated first half and melodic beginnings of “Missing Time”.

The main problem I have with this disc is that it can get monotonous (i.e.: boring) after awhile. You just kind of get the feeling that the band has run their course and is grasping for ideas just for the sake of being progressive. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong on that one, but I do know that in the last half of this disc it does start to drag a bit. Still, for a first effort, THE TRUTH is a worthy slab ‘o metal. If the band can harness the more innovative parts of their sound and hone in on that, my prediction is that they’ll be a major force on the scene.

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