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Thirst of Oblivion
January 2015
Released: 2013, Metal Scrap Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been around since 1999, Fausttophel have been busy forging their unique blend of Melodic Black Metal with Ukraine’s romanticism. The record Thirst of Oblivion reveals the band’s artistic drive and distinctive sound.

After a brief spoken dialogue from ‘Feather - Hangar’, the band get going with the heavy riffs of ‘Looking For Lights’. The symphonic layers come through the mix, as the blast beats and shrieks bleed outward with severity. The track also features some impressive lead guitar wading in, giving everything a well-polished sound.

‘Spell’ races ahead with speedy drum work and intense sounding guitars. The growls wade in with ease and propel everything forward into an exhilarating pace. Meanwhile, ‘Part of You’ remains one of the records strongest endeavour, with charging drums and a solid use of keys.

The album closes off with the twelve minute, ‘Thirst of Oblivion’. The metallic guitars and infernal snarls pervade throughout the chaotic journey, which remains wholly engaging. The only downside being that some of the keys sound a bit too much indulgent and detract from what could have otherwise been a far stronger sonic assault. However, the clean melodies thrown in around the half-way point do displace the band’s ability to turn things around in a positive way.

This record may not be for everyone. On the one hand, it plays out as slightly too accessible for those looking for a gritty fix of metal. However, Faustophel do display moments of dark lit grandeur, in its operatic tendencies. This record shall either satisfy fans of Melodic Black Metal or entice those new to the genre. Pretty decent stuff.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Feather - Hanjar
2. Looking For Lights
3. Spell
4. Part of You
5. Thoughts (Kollaps Cover)
6. Thirst of Oblivion


Alexander "Adams" Savinych - drums, guitars, bass, vocals
Valentin "Mau" Samochin - keyboards, vocals

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