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Fates Warning
Still Life
February 1999
Released: 1999, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: David Lee

This is exactly what a live album should be. Two discs, not one. Songs that span an entire career, not just recent "hits" and full outrageously long and intricate soloing. And most importantly, there is no studio work here! This is all live. The excess of the seventies live album is back and these were just the guys to pull it off without letting it get boring.

The entirety of the first disc is dedicated to "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" including every note of the original studio version. Virtuosity wouldn't come close to defining the quality of the musicianship involved here. The best of the best recorded just as it was played live for some very lucky European fans. You can early feel the excitement and reverence form the audience. Powerfully moving from start to finish. The time that it takes to change to the second disc give the mind and body a chance to refresh itself after such a moving epic which is not only well deserved but needed before the band launches into some of its other classic material.

"The Ivory Gate of Dreams" begins another musical journey that takes the listener to mental shores far from home. A more adept tour guide than FATES WARNING would be hard to book. Their ability to canvas a song with emotion is absolutely unparalleled.

The rest of the disc is, fortunately, more of the same. "The Eleventh Hour", "Point of Vie", "Moment", "At Fates Hands", "Prelude to Ruin", and "We Only Say Goodbye" are not only the groups best but the best of the genre as well.

I remember producing a show with FATES WARNING several years ago where they were the support act and only had about thirty-five minutes onstage. From that night forward I have always wondered just how far these guys could take the energy that they expelled in that brief period. Now I know and boy was it worth the wait. Next time they headline!
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