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Where Moshers Dwell
February 2010
Released: 2009, Metal On Metal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Freddy Krueger´s Ünderwear... Who could be seriously be interested in them? Well, I am - not his underwear directly, but these furious Swedish mosh-thrashers named F.K.Ü. who are doing something a little bit different in terms of thrash metal, I guess.

F.K.Ü. started out in 1987 as almost totally die hard S.O.D. disciples, and despite a few collective and intense rehearsals they went on hiatus for 10 years until they were prepared to make their sort of 2nd coming in 1997, their Freddy Krueger´s metallic claws longer and sharper than ever before. That´s when things started really happening and rolling for these Swedish beasts of moshing rhythms and riffs.

As the band members have stated, F.K.Ü. is all about ´80s thrash, horror movies, old issues of Metal Forces Magazine and cheap beer. Actually I could not put this in a more accurate way to describe them. The band´s 3rd full-length studio album continues the band´s tongue-in-cheek saga to thrash our brains out from our skulls - and they even succeed in that mission pretty darn well, especially if you ask an opinion from yours truly respectfully.

WHERE MOSHERS DWELL, with its 17 songs, is a pretty awesome and relentless package of thrash (early Exodus, Testament, Slayer, S.O.D., etc.), mixed with some horror elements of heavy metal - and what´s even better, it´s simply lotsa fun to listen to, and that´s all they need to make us entertained with this album. Larry Lethal on vocals, sounds quite a lot like Steve ´Zetro´ Souza here and there, which even adds more of this entertainment value to the whole outcome. Overall the whole band seems to have a very good drive and spirit for unleashing all these little but vicious and dangerous beasts out from this record - and I can only imagine how many times more entertaining they are in a live situation. The songs are straight-to-the-point kind of songs on WHERE MOSHERS DWELL, lasting from 1 minute to a couple of minutes outbursts only, all the songs being loaded with such an amount of pure aggression and sheer energy that none could possibly be left cold.

Thrash, horror and fun are always a perfect match with each other, as F.K.Ü. latest album WHERE MOSHERS DWELL so clearly proves.
Track Listing

01. Welcome to Your Nightmare
02. Where Moshers Dwell
03. Twitch of the Thrash Nerve
04. Faster than the Shark
05. The Pit and the Poser
06. Dead Coroner
07. Almost Metal
08. Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain)
09. Bedilia - Back for Cake
10. Worms
11. Sleepwalker Texas Ranger
12. He Knows the Drill
13. Six Feet Ünderwear
14. Phantom Killer Attack
15. Blairsville Blues
16. Horror Metal Moshing Machine
17. Highway to Horror


Larry Lethal - Vocals and backing vocals
Pete Stooaahl - Guitar and backing vocals
Pat Splat - Bass and backing vocals
Dr. Ted Killer Miller - Drums and backing vocals

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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