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A New Light
September 2014
Released: 2014, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

F.A.C.E is a Bulgarian band formed by guitarist Villy Neshev in 2010. A NEW LIGHT is my first introduction to the band, which has become renown in their native city of Sofia. Neshev has been quite active in the Bulgarian metal scene, having recorded with 3 other bands and contributing live guitar performances to semi-renown Bulgarian metal band, Exhumator from 1997-2000. A NEW LIGHT is the band’s debut offering, containing mostly progressive metal combined with elements of AOR, instrumental rock, and guitar virtuosity. The band entered the studio in 2013 and spent much of the year recording, mixing and mastering A NEW LIGHT.

Expectedly, Neshev is the highlight here, as the album features five instrumental tracks out of total of nine songs that showcase his fluid style and technical precision. Satriani and Steve Vai are obvious comparisons, but Neshev has added his own imprint on the music while vocalist Ivan Chelavrov makes the best of his limited opportunities. “Do Not Care” is one of the more emotional songs on the album, a cross between Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Satriani, where Neshev makes his guitar sing. “Hate And Passion” is another signature tune, Neshev finding memorable and melodic lines to complement the fast, shred passages. The rest of the band plays their roles as rhythm backers, doing no harm to the songs and mostly staying out of Neshev’s way.

This type of music of course comes with the price of appealing to only a limited group of guitar aficionados. You cannot call the tunes on A NEW LIGHT songs in the traditional sense, but instead are vehicles for inspired, admirable, yet predictable guitar indulgence. No question, Neshev is a gifted and ambitious musician, but not exactly an original one. I would love to have heard more actual songs, but I guess at the end of the day that is not really the point of guitar virtuoso music. Appreciate it for what it is, and not what it could have been I suppose. Recommended for fans of Vai, Satriani, Petrucci, Johnson, or any other instrumental maestro you care to insert.
Track Listing

1. Fly

2. Do Not Care

3. The Top

4. Nightmare

5. Sober Mind

6. Hate And Passion

7. Insane

8. Little Black Devil

9. A New Light


Villy - guitars,
Ivan Chelavrov - vocals
Victor - drums
Viktor - keys
Dancho - bass

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