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Sacred Shrine
July 2003
Released: 2003, Perris Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

These guys can do no wrong. This is my fourth Eidolon review for and as I’m beginning to think that readers will suspect I’m either

a) a gushing Eidolon fan-boy

b) champion of a great Canuck act

The correct answer is probably a bit of both, so I’m proud to bring to you a few comments on some of the history of the band. Somehow, I’m not sure how, Perris (normally associated with melodic hard rock and glam) has picked up the rights to release a pair of old Eidolon demos from the mid-90’s. Cool stuff.

Normally, I would raise my eyebrow at this type of release but this is very cool for a number of reasons. The Drover brothers have had a full-on studio for years so these ‘demos’ are really world-calibre recordings. Another nice feature is that almost every song except two have NOT appeared on another Eidolon CD. What does this mean for the fans? Essentially we are getting eight brand new, never before heard Eidolon tracks, a track that made it to a album but with the original vocalist AND a cover tune! In my mind this transcends a mere re-issue of a couple of demos but is almost a full-fledged release.

What a great CD. It is interesting to note that there is an instrumental called ‘Nemesis’ on this disc which is also the name of the lead-off instrumental on COMA NATION, although they seem to be completely different songs. This one is much faster and longer with more double-kick. The original version of Hallowed Apparition is also on this disc. This version is very slightly rawer but not significantly. I actually sat and played them both simultaneously on two stereos to compare! The band also recorded a nice cover of Fates Warning’s ‘Silent Cries’.

Perris was nice enough to send me a promo copy but I do not have the full-packaging so I can’t comment on those little extra details. I can state with confidence that the production is as good as any other Eidolon CD. The band themselves may of course disagree but as a guy with a fairly Lo-Fi ear for production, it sounds excellent to me!

Overall the tunes are slightly faster and the arrangements not quite as complex as later recordings. There is a slightly older vibe to the sound which under the circumstances in fully understandable. I really enjoyed the ripping instrumental,’ Race with Time’. Generally these songs are slightly more punchy and faster than later efforts although not as dark and atmospheric. It is an interesting conundrum. The band have established a sound that is fairly unique, and accordingly have developed an good identity, but these early tunes have a pep and punch, driven mostly by the faster drumming, that I found lacking on Hallowed Apparition. ‘Black Heart’ is easily the fastest tune they have ever done and I’d love to see the band put two or three balls-out, head down shredders per CD. But again, the downside is that the writing and arrangements on these early tunes lack to some degree the signature sound that Eidolon have come to known for. The quality was evident from Day One and fans will really enjoy having this disc to compliment their collection. Visit and watch for their new full length Apostles of Defiance in late 2003!
Track Listing

1. Hallowed Apparition
2. Black Heart
3. Lost Horizon
4. Race With Time
5. Forbidden Lair
6. Shadows
7. Silent Cries
8. Tribal Fury
9. Hellbound
10. Nemesis
11. Darkfall


Glenn Drover-Guitar
Slav Siminic-Guitar
Criss Bailey-Bass
Shawn Drover-Drums



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