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Nightmare World
November 2001
Released: 2000, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I picked this cuz, well, no one else had reviewed an Eidolon CD on MR and they are from Canada so I have a little soft spot for these dudes. There has been a lot of press lately about Eidolon, namely founder Glen Drovers stint in King Diamond a few years back and the recent loss of their vocalist.

Nighmare World, their third, was the first CD to introduce this tragically under-rated band to much of the world. After a couple of independent CD’s, some good overseas buzz, Eidolon got picked up by Metal Blade and churned out this masterpiece. It’s good to see that Metal Blade took it’s head out of it’s (ahem) and starting signing METAL again!

These guys (along with Steel Prophet, Destiny’s End, Jag Panzer, and a handful of others) represent the cream of the crop of the North American metal scene.

True classic metal, no frills, all balls and power. With the support of Metal Blade the art, packaging and production are the high standard we have come to enjoy from that label , with the exception of a minor printing or track line-up mistake. S**t happens and makes for good trivia.

Opening title track Nightmare World will put a smile on your face that you won’t be able to wipe off for weeks. It’s compelling headbang make it a highlight on the disc. The drums drive the disc along with a nice combination of double-kicks and a galloping stutter. The vocalist has excellent range but is a little weak and maybe that’s why the band is searching for someone with a little more power. It’s easy to see why Glen had some recognition from Mr. Diamond because his solos are tasteful, and just have that classic Priest, Maiden vibe to them. The songs are a variety of topics, justice, outer-space, revenge and musings on life and death which are intelligent but not obscure. The pace of the disc is maybe a little uneven, perhaps even a little too slow in places but has many excellent elements, acoustic intros, an instrumental and an epic (overused phrase #57) song clocking in at about 13 minutes that finishes off this disc.

Highly recommended not only to Canadian fans but to anyone who likes truly, classic traditional heavy metal. Find out what the Europeans figured out a few years ago. Eidolon is one of Canada’s best metal bands. The band has since released their 4th and will be hitting the studio for a fifth to be out in early 2002. I can’t wait!
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