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Eibon La Furies
The Immoral Compass
September 2013
Released: 2013, Code666 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

As reviews come in from websites around the world, many are already praising and hailing The Immoral Compass from British dark metallers Eibon La Furies with all they've got; and especially to the die-hard fans, these writers aren't far off being correct! Their 2010 debut was not particularly well taken to, but it seems that they have learned from their mistakes and cancelled out such faults on this 2013 sophomore.

To start with, the album is a nice length here, whilst 12 juicy tracks are squeezed out, they are all a refreshingly short length, with nothing being rushed or cut short. Battalion's drum work is battering, and Purdy's lead guitar work fits well into the mix, always remaining relevant to the music. All the members of the Lincolnshire four piece seem to be perfectly in sync.

On the downside, the bass playing is a little quiet and the vocals have an amateurish feel to them which is hard to distract from. The tone of the guitars does not match the power of the music they are trying to create and the aid of distortion would have certainly no bad side effects. I find these easily fixed issues to be a bit of a shame.

The overall vibes however, do live up to the lyrical themes of "infernal Britain by Gaslight" and the whole record has a very wintry and evening-time feel. At the end of the day this is just a classy record for classy gentlemen, so if you feel like cracking beer cans open with your teeth and tearing down the walls, give this one a miss. However, if you are sat by candlelight, in a tweed suit whilst smoking a pipe, you may want to put this one on the gramophone, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

01. The Compass Awakes
02. Immoral Compass to the World
03. Astronomy in Absences
04. Imperial Jackal's Head
05. Flames 1918 (A Song for the Silence)
06. An Enigma in Space and Time
07. Who Watches the Watchers?
08. Conjure Me
09. Ascending Through Darkness
10. The Vanguard
11. The end of everything… (Or the beginning of it all)
12. The Compass Remains


Paul D Sims (Lord Eibon Blackwood) - Vocals & Guitar
Matt Cook (The Furious Host) Bass & Vocals
James Batt (Battalion) - Drums & Percussion
Neil Purdy - Lead Guitar



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» The Immoral Compass
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