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Burning Down The Opera-Live
August 2003
Released: 2003, AFM
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I almost shouldn’t be reviewing this album. AFM was nice enough to ensure I got a promotional copy of this disc. However the promo copy is a single disc 10 track disc , without packaging and eleven of the 16 songs. Some of them are also fades and the song sequence is a mix of both discs. It is billed as “exerpts from the upcoming double live album” . Why is this important? I want to qualify that my comments and my grade by saying that the full deal will be far superior.

I also hope that another staff member will review the entire package, which supposedly is utterly gorgeous, with full booklet and so on. Again, why is this important? Live albums in my mind succeed or fail on different criteria than just a new studio CD. For one; the songs are already known to the fan. Consequently factors like delivery, presentation, execution all play a factor. Are the songs significantly different? Sound quality? Additional treats? Stage banter? Solo’s? I factor these components into grading a live disc.

Well, If this sampler is any indication, BURNING will be a kick-ass live CD on par with some of the greats. The song selection seems to be fairly spread over the last five studio CD’s except the debut. That is a pet-peeve of mine. Every band should have at LEAST one song per studio release represented on their live albums. They even throw in the song Avantasia! A nice touch. There are two songs I don’t recognize namely ‘Solitary Bunny’ and ‘Inside’ so perhaps they are extra cuts or even sneak previews from the upcoming album MYSTERIA? Actually I think ‘solitary bunny’ might be a drum solo but it is not on this sampler, so I’m not sure. The concert with it’s sterling sound and witty banter from Tobias ends on an odd note with the mid-tempo power ballad, ‘Out Of Control’ from VAIN GLORY OPERA’ which of course featured Hansi Kursh on guest vox on the studio version. The song mix is good some speedy ones, some slower ones and the crowd interaction and participation is excellent.

In terms of sound quality I think the conventional thinking about Live albums will have to change. Currently there seems to be a hesitancy among critics to accept the fact that modern live CD’s sound flawless. Many cynics fling accusations of ‘tampering’, ‘tweaking’ or overdubbing live releases. Well, even if that was some sort of a crime, (which it is not, although some seem to think it is) these people must factor in that we ain’t in the 70’s anymore. When a band records live they have full-on digital set-ups, the highest equipment, the best gear and best sound. Bottom line: This CD sound killer. The crowd is loud, the notes are crystal clear it sounds big, fun and live!

I’m sure will be a great additional to any Edguy fans collection and there is little doubt in my mind that when I have/see the full hour and 45 minutes in the correct sequence with full packaging that I will add another mark to my grade.
Track Listing

1. Welcome to The Opera
2. Fallen Angels
3. Tears of A Mandrake
4. Babylon
5. Land of Miracles
6. Painting On The Wall
7. Wings Of A Dream
8. The Headless Game
9. The Pharoah

Disc Two:

1. Vain Glory Opera
2. Solitary Bunny
3. Save Us Now
4. How Many Miles
5. Inside
6. Avantasia
Out of Control


Tobias Sammet-Vocals
Jens Ludwig-Guitar
Dirk Sauer-Guitar
Tobias Exxel-Bass
Felixe Bohnke-Drums



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