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A World Full of Grey
October 2007
Released: 2007, Dockyard 1/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Eyefear saga began 1994 when the band started to rehearse. Two years later their debut called EDGE OF EXISTENCE was released, but the band was put on hold after that. Eyefear woke up two years later in 1998 when the band recruited a new singer and guitarist. A self-financed EP was released in 2000 and was followed by getting a new singer - Danny Cecati from the band Pegazus - and Sam Giacotto on keyboards. This Australian act plays slower melodic/progressive metal. As always when it comes to progressive metal the music is very technical and complicated.

To be honest, I have huge problems with the band’s music. I have nothing against progressive music and I have learned to appreciate it more and more over the years, but this slow mess of musical glue that’s pumping out of my speakers is too much for me to take. My main problem is singer Cecati’s very narrow vocal efforts. That man can’t sing at all; instead he screams most of the time in a very annoying way. He gives me a headache and sore ears. There’s a whole lot of music during the 60 minutes the album contains, and it’s not a happy experience mainly because of the pale and boring material. Every song sounds the same and they are extremely long and all the instrumental parts only make them feel longer. The 10 songs feel like 20.

Eyefear are maybe good musicians but A WORLD FULL OF GREY wasn’t a very fun experience, and I’m going to keep out of their way in the future. If they’re going to continue to release albums as boring as this one then I can do without them.
Track Listing

1. Searching For Forgivness
2. A World Full Of Grey
3. Changes
4. Lost Within
5. Moments
6. The Eyes Tell No Lies
7. Whispers Of The Soul
8. Haunted Memories
9. Breathe Again
10. Searching For Forgivness (Radio Edit)


Danny Cecati – lead vocals
Zain Kimmie – drums
Con Papazoglou – guitar
Sam Giacotto – keyboards
Rob Gorham – bass

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