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December 2006
Released: 2005, Earache Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Madman

Would you like to hear what it sounds like when happy dance music meets poppy heavy metal? Well, Ewigkeit’s 2005 release, CONSPIRITUS, might be your answer. 2005 saw James Fogarty (Ewigkeit’s sole visionary) release his 5th full-length studio album under the name since 1995. While the band’s early works are reportedly black metal in nature, CONSPIRITUS takes sampled dance music and throws in some heavy metal guitars. Why someone would attempt this is beyond me as the styles James Fogarty is trying to meld are a little too disparate.

The lyrical concept for this release is more than just hinted at in the album’s title, CONSPIRITUS. The album deals with the topics of conspiracy theories and secret societies running the world. It’s a bit of a lofty subject for music I’d expect to hear at a rave… I’ve never been to a rave, but this is about what I’d expect to hear when I’m dropping “E” and waving glow sticks around like a mentally challenged person. The music is typically a lot of looped beats, looped keyboards, with some guitars thrown in just to keep things in the realm of heavy metal, though just barely.

“It’s Not Ready” starts off and continues like something I would expect to hear from Eiffel 65 (“Blue (Da Ba De)”). Lots of bouncing “happy” sounding keyboards and loops, the guitars sound like they’re just looped as well. “The Nightmare Institution” drops the techno dance side and just focuses on some straight guitar riffs and some organ styled keyboard usage. This song in particular isn’t terribly bad, but doesn’t really have anything good about it, aside from the fact that it doesn’t sound like “It’s Not Reality”.

Both “Square Sunrise” and “Far Away from Heaven” are a bit more reliant on guitars and the band’s more “metal” side of things. The keyboards generally carry the melody while the guitars and drums feel like they’re just there for basic support, rather than to add anything serious to the music. The riffs are incredibly bland and merely create background noise for everything else, which doesn’t help as “everything else” isn’t anything to write home about. “How to Conquer the World (Live at the Bohemian Grove)” is a bit of a highlight as James takes a heavier, slightly bluesy riff for the base of the song. The keyboards take a 70’s organ feel and actually add to the feeling of the track. The track feels more like a novelty song for the band than anything serious, especially considering how the rest of the album pans out. While the title track, “Conspiritus”, which ends the album is a song I’ve listened to multiple times as it’s honestly a good song. An acoustic track, it’s largely built around the simple guitars, a simple, pounding, tribal rhythm and well thought out vocals.

Basically, Ewigkeit suck. I appreciate that James Fogarty is attempting to say something with his lyrics but unfortunately the base that he’s using to push his ideas is incredibly bland, especially with a style of music that’s fit more for the clubs than anything else.
Track Listing

1. Intro - The Hypothesis
2. It's Not Reality
3. Square Sunrise
4. The Nightmare Institution
5. Far Away From Heaven
6. Transcend the Senses
7. The Thought Police
8. How to conquer The World (Live At Bohemian Grove)
9. Theoreality
10. Conspiritus


James Fogarty - Everything

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