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Existing Threat
Hostile Ground
November 2006
Released: 2006, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

I am 100% sure that If I was not a writer in this site, I would have never heard the HOSTILE GROUND demo from UK Death/Thrashers Existing Threat. The artwork, the bands name and even the name of the demo, would have never gained my attention. But the story is different, one day while checking my mail, I had a package coming from UK and there it was in front of my eyes.

The first thing I got from looking at the cover was that Existing Threat were going to play a brutal mix of Hardcore and chunky mid tempo Death Metal. Fortunately I was wrong, since HOSTILE GROUND, while have some chunky Death Metal, is mostly made out of Thrash, pure old school Thrash that is well written and catchy. It has an overall primitive feel, and that is something that is never wrong.

“Execute Them”, the opener is a pretty fast song. It even has some blasts ala Morbid Angel. It is very powerful. “Hostile Ground” follows and this one is a great song for the pit. I can see some heads banging to this one. “Tactics of Terror” is a pretty generic Thrash anthem that does its job well, it is also very catchy and simple. And the last song “Found Face Down” reminded me a bit about the first releases from Death, while also having some melodic riffs thrown here and there.

HOSTILE GROUND is a pretty decent offering of Old School Death/Thrash Metal. But still, the band still needs to work more on the song structures to make it a big more agile, maybe a more variations in the songs I guess. But it is good, so if you want to give the band a try you will find some good riffs here. Especially with the killer guitar tone. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

Execute Them
Hostile Ground
Tactics of Terror
Found Face Down


Dave - Vocals and Shrieks
John - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Gary - Drums and Percussion
Danny - Rhythm Guitars
Shane - Bass Guitar

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