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Five Serpent's Teeth
August 2011
Released: 2011, Earache Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Carlos Llanas

British thrash attack Evile has been dishing out pounding thrash metal since 2004. The thrash quartet from Huddersfield, England have two good titles under their belt, "Enter the Grave" and "Infected Nations". Their style and love for the genre make them a great addition to the thrash metal scene. Now, their much anticipated third studio effort "Five Serpent's Teeth" is on the horizon. Compared to their first two releases, "Five Serpent's Teeth" is little different. It has the same aggression, but there are some changes.

From the beginning to end, this album oozes Tom Araya/James Hetfield vocals and Metallica riffs. A good example on this album is the title track "Five Serpent's Teeth". From the creepy intro to the speedy vicious riffing, this song screams thrash. The influences are very clear, without making them clones. You can even hear some Annihilator sounding riffs in the mix. The song "In Memoriam" takes a very different approach though. It was written in the memory of their late bass player Mike Alexander, and this was the bands first time writing a tune in that style. It is a slow and very arpeggio driven tune. A ballad in every sense, and It was greatly executed.

Like I mentioned earlier, This album is a little different than its predecessors. The cover art, for example, is a complete change. On their previous releases, the album covers have been intricate and very detailed. The art work they went with this time around was more "MMA". It looks like it belongs on a TAPOUT shirt. At first glance, I thought "Oh what the hell?!". It's well made, but style doesn't feel like it flows. Also, the songs can sometimes feel more "Modernized" than the first two albums, yet retaining that same Evile sound. Some people like the modern sound, some don't. I didn't care for it too much.

All-in-all the album is good. It was enjoyable, and I even caught myself headbangin' at times. If you're looking for a good thrash album to listen to while you crack open a few beers with your friends, then this one is for you. It's filled with good riffs, drums, vocals, bass, everything. It might not be the perfect album, but if you want a good thrash title, this one will make a worthy addition to your collection.
Track Listing

1. Five Serpent's Teeth
2. In Dreams of Terror
3. Cult
4. Eternal Empire
5. Xaraya
6. Origin of Oblivion
7. Centurion
8. In Memoriam
9. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh


Ol Drake-Lead Guitar
Matt Drake-Guitar,Vocals
Ben Carter-Drums
Joel Graham-Bass

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