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Exit Wounds / Luciferase
October 2003
Released: 2003, Onyxic
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Two relatively young Finnish Death Metal bands (on the map of the Finnish underground metal scene!) sharing this disc that I received from one of the writers of the Finnish Inferno magazine (thanks to you whoever you were...!) at Tuska festival this year. First off, I need to confess that I had never heard any of these two Finnish acts before this opportunity was offered to me for checking them out for the very first time.

Exit Wounds, this 5-piece Death Metal act from a little town called Kangasala, plays a very American sounding Death Metal, I think, ´trying´ to sound a bit like a cross between Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and let´s say even Suffocation, but unfortunately reaching only a halfway without causing an instant impact for a listener. Well, at least they didn´t impress me too much with the 5 songs they had recorded for this split with Luciferase. 2 points for Exit Wounds for their part on the disc, tho.

Luciferase, on the other hand, is a remarkably better act out of these two ´demo´ bands in here. After the opening intro titled “Intro to Embrace”, we are offered a relatively technical Death Metal with some good moments thrown in, keeping a vital vibe up for things listenable especially in the guitar department. The first real song “Embrace the Inherent” starts off like any Cynic/Atheist/Death song, but is soon unfortunately crushed by somewhat average and simply boring riffs and shit. Also the use of both more shrieking and growling vocals start to get a bit annoying every once in a while in the next track called “Of Decay and Immortality”. The contrast is just a bit too big between both of these vocal styles. Moreover, even if the next song, “Bitter Hopes” has a great beginning, it starts soon to lack decent ideas for standing out once and for all.

“Misery Ritual” is a very different song from the whole pile. A slow tempo and an eerie sounding song that has rather surprisingly an orchestrated part quite near in the end of the song that brings Therion to my mind a very peculiar way. This is exactly what I wanna hear from these guys more in the future. A pretty damn cool stuff in-fuckin´-deed!! 3 points for Luciferase for the promising wholeness anyway...
Track Listing

Track listing for Exit Wounds

01. Enemy of the World
02. Plastic Coffin
03. Devil´s Black Angels
04. Bloodfeast
05. Obscene Art of Killing Work

Track listing for Luciferase

01. Intro to Embrace
02. Embrace the Inherent
03. Of Decay and Immortality
04. Bitter Hopes
05. Misery Ritual


Exit Wounds line-up:

J. Lahikainen – Vocals
K. Pyyhtinen – Bass
S. Manninen – Guitars
B. Niininen – Drums

Luciferase line-up:

Hell – Deathroat
Risto Hämäläinen – Guitar, programming
Juuso Hänninen – Guitar
Tuomas Yli-Kovero – Bass
Harri Hakala – Drums



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