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Eyes Set To Kill
The World Outside
November 2009
Released: 2009, Break Silence Recordings
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

OK seriously now, fuck right off. As a metal fan, this is probably one of the most offensive albums I’ve ever had the misfortune to hear. Why? Because this shit makes Sonic Syndicate and In This Moment sound like the heaviest death metal bands of all time. Why? Because My Chemical Fucking Romance wish they could sound this commercial and pussy.

One look, one listen is all it takes to see and hear that this is easily the most processed, corporate bullshit that has ever tried to pass itself off as metal. This band is a bunch of “edgy” little fucktards dressed all emo, trying desperately to look tough, all the while laughing at the pathetic little wannabes that gave them money (REAL MONEY!) to listen to their assembly line shit. Oh, I’m sure that they feel like they’re being all deep and important; thing is, they’re not, not even close. Don’t even get me started on the pathetic whining that passes for vocals. The girl’s clean singing sounds more brutal than the guy’s “growling” for crying out loud! I’ve heard baby’s crying that sounds tougher.

This album made me physically angry; if you like real metal at all, destroy this band’s albums on sight.
Track Listing

1) Heights
2) Hourglass
3) Deadly Weapons
4) Interlude
5) The World Outside
6) March of the Dead
7) Wake Me Up
8) The Hollow Pt. 1
9) The Hollow
10) Risen
11) Her Eyes Hold The Apocalypse
12) Come Home


Alexia: Vocals, Guitar

Anissa: Bass

Greg: Guitar

Brandon: Vocals, Keyboards

Caleb: Drums

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