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All Hallows Eve & Hell
October 2006
Released: 2006, Evilemusic
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The classic 80´s Bay Area sound will be living through centuries to come if bands like this Evile from West Yorkshire, England, can be any proof for that. The band, as reported in various sources, started as a Metallica tribute band (Metal Militia), churning out some of the most known Metallica cuts such as “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Battery”, so undoubtedly this Bay Area –thing has already long been running in the veins of these 4 English metalheads before even their Metallica –tribute band was formed.

While listening to the band´s self-financed 6-song E.P., titled ALL HALLOWS EVE (released in 2004 already), one could easily think the guys of Evile started out as an Exodus –tribute band which name could have well been, Metal Command, or Bonded by Blood, or just whatever Exodus song off from the band´s brilliant debut album, BONDED BY BLOOD. Namely there is a strong ´80s Exodus –vibe on this 6-song effort of the band that they could actually start a Exodus –cover band as their side-project, throwing gigs every now and then – for example for the sake of the glorious times of ´80s Speed/Thrash Metal revival. Songs like “Killer from the Deep”, “the E.P.´s title track, “All Hallows Eve”, and especially “Prophecy” with its almost rip-off type of riffs and shit, are sheer Exodus –worshipping from start to finish, but can we blame them for that? No, we can´t. On the other hand, I love to hear a song like “Dawn of Destruction” from them as it contains some musical bits and pieces that could be taken out from the recording sessions of Onslaught´s THE FORCE album. So all the hails to the 80´s British Thrash Metal!

For the lovers of strongly 80´s-flavored Thrash Metal this is a mandatory purchase.

(4 out of 5)

Evile´s latest 5-track offering, simply titled HELL, which was unleashed this year, is basically a clear continuation to their ALL HALLOWS EVE E.P., but probably with a bit more improved, but less Exodus –worshipping sound even if sort of Holt´ish-Hunolt´ish vibe is still haunting pretty strongly in the riff department, but nevertheless, at least I cannot complain a bit – being an oldschool thrasher that I am.

These fine, somewhat young English Thrash-men still pay a lot of homage to the whole 80´s Bay Area Thrash Metal scene on HELL, and there´s nothing wrong with that if you are not looking for anything else. Nearly everything has either been borrowed, or stolen, or ripped off from once so fertile Bay Area scene on this relentlessly thrashing 5-track ´demo´, but still respecting and being careful to ´rape´ too much the sound true originators of the Bay Area Thrash Metal.

The best ass-kickers on this release must be “We Who Are about to Die” which starts off with a slower part, but burst relatively soon into being a frantic piece of pure Thrash, spiced with some well-done Araya-like screams. Also the last song on HELL, “Thrasher”, is what the song title already suggests shamelessly, being a hard, mercilessly thrashing slap straight to yer face - no more, or no less. Bloody fuckin´ thrastastic – and I love it with every single, hungry cell of mine!

Even if the stuff what Evile does, might be a bit ´out-of-fashion´ amongst record companies these days (just forget metalcore - and bring back the real Thrash instead!), the band still deserves to be signed due to their strong yet pure roots into the classic Bay Area Thrash Metal sound. We need more bands like Evile for bringing things back to the basics in metal music in general to where they rightfully belong to.

(4 out of 5)
Track Listing

Evile - All Hallows Eve EP 2005
01. Killer from the Deep
02. Dawn of Destruction
03. Prophecy
04. The Living Dead
05. All Hallows Eve
06. Torment

Evile - Hell DEMO 2006
01. Enter the Grave
02. Death Sentence
03. We Who Are about to Die
04. Russian Roulette
05. Thrasher


Matt Drake - Lead vocals/rhythm guitar
Ol Drake - Lead guitar
Mike Alexander - Bass guitar
Ben Carter - Drums

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