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June 2009
Released: 2008, AreaDeath Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

What do I know about Chinese thrash metal? Well, to be honest with you, not much really. Anyway, from Nanchang, China, comes a 5-man thrash group called Explosicum that counts on the sound of old school thrash, mentioning bands like Slayer, Vio-lence, Exodus, etc. – and especially the Bay Area thrash style as their biggest influence. When listening the band´s debut album CONFLICT that was churned out on the Chinese AreaDeath Productions last year, you can somewhat easily subscribe to the Bay Area thing in Explosicum´s sound – as that´s what they represent more than anything else really.

The guys in Explosicum have a good grip on this particular style of old school, Bay Area thrash – and one actually couldn´t tell the difference if it was claimed whether they really come from the Bay Area or not as they have really done their home lessons really well regarding that style… I mean, until the vocal parts break in. If you think Sean Killian´s vocal parts sounded kinda unbearable in Vio-lence, then wait ´til you will hear Qiu Jianhua´s vocal performance as that´s actually the first thing everyone of us will surely notice sticking out from their music - even more effectively than those rusty 10-inch nails through the bastard Christ´s arms and legs. Nothing against his vocal style in particular, but it takes some time to get it fully adjusted in your ears. To be honest with all of you – once and for all, he sounds like a 7-year-old kid trying to be a thrash metal vocalist. That may sound pretty harsh and even unprofessional to say so, but I guess there´s nothing wrong in giving you a fair clue. Or is there?

Apart from this minor issue as far as Qiu´s vocals are concerned, Explosicum plays a pretty enjoyable Slayer/Exodus–tinged old school thrash that should get instant approval among the thrash fans around the globe. It´s been proven now that good thrash can be found from everywhere - even from more obscure countries like China.
Track Listing

01. On the Road of Death
02. Conflict
03. Slaaaaaayer!!!
04. Holocaust
05. Storm
06. Rescue Me
07. Fire Fire
08. Collapse
09. Keep Fighting


Li Junchao - Vocals
Qiu Jianhua - Guitar
Zeng Kaifeng - Guitar
Tan Chong - Bass
Zhong Ran - Drums

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