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Subterranean Sweatshop
May 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Classic Metal is alive and well and living in the form of Evolution. They are a four piece band hailing from the New York area. I first became acquainted with the band when I had to make a trek to the post office to pick up a package which was rather odd cause they usually just drop them off at my door. It was piss pouring rain and the pick up station was in this dumb ass greeting card shop. I headed in to get my stuff and it took the clown working there 10 minutes to find the package all the while saying to me "You know how big it is? " Well if I knew that now buddy you wouldn’t be looking for it now would ya. 15 packages on the whole shelf and he couldn’t find mine. Anyway, I am getting off track. I got the package and headed home. It was too big to be just a CD. Damn if there wasn’t a cool t-shirt included. I popped the CD into my computer expecting to hear some death metal as that was all that I had gotten that week and was surprised to hear the strains of regular metal. I put these guys down as a band to see when I made my journey to Metal Meltdown III in New Jersey. Of course that didn’t happen. I walked in just as they were finishing their set. I chatted with the guys for a few minutes and have to say that they seemed to be nice down to earth guys. The lineup for SUBTERRANEAN SWEATSHOP is Greg Giordano: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, George Tedesco: Rhythm Guitar Eric Bergmann: Bass Guitar and Mike Denton Drums.

"The Insidious Theory of Evolution" opens up the CD followed by "Soul to Save". There is a very slight Maiden influence on this track which does not show itself again on this CD. The title track is a great mid paced track that features some great guitar work by Giordano. "Survival" has been released as a single and is a good choice cause it is one of the better songs on the CD. Another favourite of mine is the melancholy "Last Few Days" which deals with the feelings a man goes through as he nears the end of his life. The first single that was released by the band was "Just a Dream". This is an acoustic track which is in stark contrast to Evolutions more aggressive tunes. The Cd closes with the NWOBHMetalish (ah new term) "Dark Line". Heavy and thumping and a great way to end the CD.

As I said earlier, I was kinda pissed that I missed Evolution live at Metal Meltdown III. I could just tell that they would be even heavier live. I guess I won’t know now. I will have to be content to listen to the CD. The other thing I have to say is that the shirt that these guys sent me just kicks ass! It just has a band logo on the front. Very cool. Drop by their website to find out more about Evolution or just to get one of these cool ts.
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