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9 Elements of Inner Vision
June 2005
Released: 2004, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Eyefear have existed since 1994, and yet I’m sure that the name is not familiar to most metalheads. The Aussies managed to start quickly, issuing a full-length (EDGE OF EXISTENCE) and an E.P. (DAWN…A NEW BEGINNING) in their first six years of activity, but they have been very quiet since then due to some lineup issues. Things seemed to fall into place when the band recruited known vocalist Danny Cecati (of Pegazus fame) and got to work on 9 ELEMENTS OF INNER VISION. Now, finally, the band is back on the map.

Right from the first strains of “Two Souls Apart”, it’s clear that Eyefear make their home in the expansive confines of progressive power metal. Bringing to mind bands like Pyramaze, with hints of the ever present Dream Theater, 9 ELEMENTS OF INNER VISION smokes from beginning to end. With all of the requisite complex riffs, time changes, and vocal acrobatics, the band traverses all of the expected terrain of the genre. It’s obvious that fans of this style will easily find themselves at home with songs like “Illumination Fades” and “Altered Visions” (one of the heavier songs offered here).

By now though, great musicianship and complex songwriting is not enough for a band to excel in this genre. So what is it that sets Eyefear apart from the competition? Superior songwriting. While most bands can write progressive music, few can do it with both precision and hook sensibility. Quite simply, for a prog-metal album, 9 ELEMENTS OF INNER VISION is damn catchy. Beyond that, Danny Cecati’s excellent vocals bring the songs to life, showing that he can be more than a helium-lunged power metal belter.

Any fan of progressive power metal should put Eyefear on their “to buy” list immediately. This is a fantastic piece of work.
Track Listing

1) Elements/Two Souls Apart
2) Illumination Fades
3) Where Clouds Divide
4) Dawn (A New Beginning)
5) Dreams (While the World Sleeps Pt.1)
6) Altered Visions (While the World Sleeps Pt.2)
7) The Script of Sorrowed Tales
8) Vivid Window
9) Beyond the Twilight


Danny Cecati: Vocals
Kosta Papazogtou: Guitars
Rob Gorham: Bass
Sammy Giacotto: Keyboards
Zain Kimmie: Drums



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