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Exit Strategy
The Apostate's Creed
November 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Round two for Alberta’s Exit Strategy. After a very well-received debut album a few years back the death-grinders are back and as potent as ever. First order of business, let’s take a look at the package shall we? Nice cover art, lyrics, photos, liner notes, yep…it’s meets the standard for an independent production.

THE APOSTATE’S CREED sees vocalist Shane Hawco being replaced with Terese Lanz. I would not hesitate to say she is probably one of the most fierce and extreme vocalists on the planet. Yes, yes, she’s a girl… who cares? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and we discussed gender briefly and we generally agree. What ‘parts’ you have are irrelevant, either you are good or you are not, and she is damn good. She delivers some pretty damn brutal vokills, lemme tell ya! I feel sorry for her boyfriend when she yells at him at home to take out the garbage!

Lanz also bring a new lyrical direction as well. The last album had more of a war theme, this one has a bit more of a social awareness feel to the lyrics. Not preachy, just different topics than you might expect from the death and/or grind genre. I’m glad the lyrics are not too overtly political because politics and metal shouldn’t mix.

Musically, the veterans in this band are very accomplished and professional. It’s not all just blitzkrieg of speed either. The band show a hint of restraint allowing some of the songs to stretch out and find a bit of groove, not much, but just enough to break up the speed. Listen for the hidden ‘bonus track’! Clocking in at a whopping 6 seconds (approx) and given the unlikely title of "The Infinite Discord Within The Microcosm Of Time", it demonstrates the band don't take themselves too seriously. It sounds like Exit Strategy have written and recorded some conventional but ripping death/grind that could easily match any other Canadian death/grind act. The level of musicianship is pretty impressive.

Am I going to be able to sing along with it in the car? Not so much. I guess that’s not really the point of it, however. The absolutely crushing music, and thoughtful lyrics means that THE APOSTATES CREED is a very fine grind for your mind.
Track Listing

1. In The Name of...
2. Anti-theist
3. Scraping Carmen
4. Fields Of Meat
5. The Infernal Fiction
6. Virus
7. The Rotting Acre
8. Bride Of The Prophet
9. Haggard


Therese Lanz-Vocals
Joe Sirkoski-Guitar
Greg Musgrave, Bass, vocals
Casey Rogers-Drums

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