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Eyes of Fire
December 2006
Released: 2006, Century Media
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

I'm not sure how to introduce this band and my thoughts on this, their second album, PRISONS. Ambient brutality, a concoction of confusion, a mess of an attempt to put out some decent metal…that's what it is. The muffled production might be part of their style, but that does nothing to aid the already boring songwriting. The vocals are so overpowered by the mess that it sounds amateurish, like they belong in the underground scene. They're also trying the Opeth thing, the mixing of heavy and mellow in lengthy songs. Not even close.

The heavy parts of the songs are slow and dragging, so distorted you can barely distinguish the different notes they play. Decent, though, are the mellow parts. The effort to put forth some melody is there, since they cut out on the distortion. Somewhere there's a keyboardist, too, but I can't hear him. What's the point of having one if he's so under the mix?

You've really got to be into this style to enjoy Eyes of Fire. If you like your metal slow and unpolished, this band is it. How that can really be considered metal…after all, you can't headbang or mosh to it. That's metal. Isn't it?
Track Listing

1. Blood (This Consumes You)
2. Gone Forever
3. It All Dies Today
4. True Love
5. Dead to the World
6. Falling Apart
7. Salvation
8. All Said and Done
9. Fight Me
10 Fire Inside


Dan Kaufman - guitar/vocals
Matt Fisher - bass/vocals
Cary Petersen - guitar
Pete Traux - keys
Nicky Bernardi - drums

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