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Terror Audio
July 2006
Released: 2006, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

The Swedish thrash movement has been scoring big through bands like The Haunted, Carnal Forge, Darkane, etc. for the last eight or so years. With TERROR AUDIO, the debut from Evildoer, the band gives a clear nod to their fellow countrymen by purloining a significant chunk of their sound and melding the relentless brutality with shades of melody equaling a bludgeoning and impressive debut not heard since The Haunted’s self-titled release steamrolled everyone back in 1998. Riffs tear through the air with blazing abandon and the drums level everything in their path with perfectly sanctioned devastation. There is absolutely zero originality found on TERROR AUDIO and the aforementioned bands could probably have a case for Evildoer’s liberal use of the word “homage” but this CD smokes from start to finish. Production is handled by Berno Paulsson (Amon Amarth, The Haunted, Witchery) and one look at his resume reveals the man clearly knows how to make this style of music hit hard. At only 38 minutes, the album follows the short-but-sweet rule and will leave listeners yearning for the next chapter in this band’s upstart career.

The sorrowful prayers of “Please Lord” are certainly apt as the listener is prepared for a face-ripping half hour of mayhem. “By The Flag” and “FearDotGov” (great title!) each possess a churning sea of riffs by Martin Bergman and the blistering solos from band founder and chief songwriter Johan Olsson are modest, yet crucial pieces of the puzzle. Drummer Agge “Bones” Johnasson effectively utilizes an arsenal of cymbal hits, fills and double-kick work that creates a crushing backbone to the music. “Gunshell Revenge” continues the Swedish tributes, only this time, The Crown’s groovy “death & roll” pacing comes into play and vocalist Andy Solveström (also in the band Within Y) unleashes a double-tracked barrage of howls, growls and screams that would make Johan Lindstrand proud. “On Bleeding Knees” forces the listener into submission with a swirling juggernaut of scorching guitar riffs and the one-two punch of album closers “Absolute Hate” and “Die Now!” continue to blow your hair back with blasting drums and a brutal thrash assault reminiscent of Carnal Forge and Dew-Scented. While the Teutonic godfathers of thrash (ie. Kreator, Destruction, Sodom) get forsaken, their American counterparts in Slayer are a clear influence along with the Swedish new-schoolers. Dual guitar interplay with diving solos and finely-tuned riffs are reminiscent of SEASONS IN THE ABYSS and Evildoer is not shy about wearing these influences on their collective sleeve.

Because of the instant parallels drawn to other bands in its music, Evildoer lacks some of the punch of their mentors but with above-average musicianship and a “thrash ‘til death” attitude, TERROR AUDIO manages to leave its mark. On their sophomore album, the band may want to look into some tempo changes because even at under 40 minutes, the pedal-to-the-metal pacing can be a bit tiresome but for anyone looking for the next generation of The Haunted/Darkane/Carnal Forge, the search stops with TERROR AUDIO.

KILLER KUTS: “By The Flag,” “FearDotGov,” “Gunshell Revenge,” “On Bleeding Knees,” “Absolute Hate,” “Die Now!”
Track Listing

1. Please Lord (Instrumental)
2. By The Flag
3. FearDotGov
4. Day of Torment
5. Gunshell Revenge
6. Right Hand Servant
7. On Bleeding Knees
8. The Deviant
9. Ten Times The Pain
10. Absolute Hate
11. Die Now!


Andy Solveström—Vocals
Johan Olsson—Lead Guitar
Martin Bergman—Rhythm Guitar
Simon Frödeberg—Bass
Agge “Bones” Johansson—Drums

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