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Evoken / Beneath the Frozen Soil
Split CD
December 2010
Released: 2010, I Hate Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Evoken are from New Jersey, USA. They have taken their name from the Finnish Funeral doomsters Thergothon´s demo. I wasn´t aware of that before. Beneath the Frozen Soil from Gothenburg, Sweden, have entangled their pitch-black wings together for having this split release out on the Swedish I Hate Records.

I admit this is the first time for me to give a spin for both of the bands (shame on me). Evoken have been around since 1994 and have recorded 4 full-length albums that have all very highly been appreciated by the Doom Metal community – while the Swedish Beneath the Frozen Soil´s history dates back to the year 2004, having only one EP and split-CD released prior to this brand-new split with Evoken.

Evoken – surprise or not, does remind me of Finland´s Thergothon quite a bit, having more than just a couple of spoonfuls of similar elements thrown into their crushing, ultra-heavy and crispy Funeral Doom Metal. 3 out of 4 songs vary between 10-13 minutes in length – and even their shortest song, “Into the Primal Shrine”, which is a beautifully eerie sounding instrumental cut, clocks in at the 7-minute mark. Evoken´s Funeral Doom Metal is just outstanding – and undoubtedly they are one of the best and most convincing bands these days, coming out from this particular genre. I definitely need to grab more of their releases for my listening pleasure due to such a positive impact that their part of this split-CD made on me. They are such an awesome band and have what it takes to make a great awe-inspiring Funeral Doom Metal.

Beneath the Frozen Soil, on the other hand, uses basically the same tools to get themselves into the same category with Evoken, but they somehow tend to sound more twisted and even more perverted than Evoken. Especially both Göran´s deep death grunts and Linus´ snarly, more Black Metal type of vocals add a nice contrast to their cold and creepy funeral doom march, which is almost as crushing and oppressive by nature as Evoken´s realm of Funeral Doom Metal. “Monotone Black II” is a dangerous song – and in a suitable enough mental state, it dangerously insists to put a rope around your neck, so be careful out there with this suicidal tune.

This is an excellent split release from two excellent Funeral Doom Metal acts. X-mas is coming, so this might be something worth considering for your dark and gloomy X-mas holiday.
Track Listing

01. Omniscient
02. The Pleistocene Epoch
03. Vestigial Fears
04. Into the Primal Shrine (instrumental)

05. Ironlung
06. Monotone Black I
07. Monotone Black II


John Paradiso - Vocals and guitar
Nick Orlando - Guitar
Chris Molinari - Guitar
David Wagner - Bass
Vince Verkay - Drums
Don Zaros - Keyboards

Göran Nilsson - Vocals
Linus Pilebrand - Guitar and vocals
Svante Enefalk - Bass
Olof Holgersson - Drums

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