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The Brutal State
December 2013
Released: 2013, MDD
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The second name of Toxic Terror is Exarsis! It is not of an accident the fact that member of Legion of the Damned, Heathen, Fueled by Fire and Suicidal Angels expressed their enthousiasm about Exarsis’s killing second album-destructor! This is one more Greek band that established its own thrashing flag in the universal extreme metal map. This is a take-no-prisoners and balls-out goddamn ultimate thrash metal album as Forbidden, Exodus and Vio-lence have shown us. So, Exarsis are the best students in thrash metal university. They were assiduous schoolchild's without missing any violence!

Their first album UNDER CONSTRUCTION was a powerful punch to our faces, but it was the second album that made us being dizzy for keeps. Now, Exarsis are back with a bomb in their suitcase that’s gonna explode. This is the album that gets us in the zone and this one that will continues to keep energy in high levels with infectious riffing and memorable gang-shouted choruses.

I know that the above description is pretty vivid and picturesque. So, forget then, the mediocrity of any mock-thrash or metalcor-ing thrash metal garbage. Here there is the prospect of an excellent album that will please thrashers whether they are looking for something different or not. Do not forget the prospect of Exarsis when they released their godly and divine nihilistic anthems of their debut album. Here it is; the same prospect and sign!

Alright, there are some extra issues that they should be explained here. We know that there are given patented songwriting styles on the tracks, but the musical style they play in, the differentiation is not their first priority, so long as they do not overdo the standardization and, of course, have the necessary inspiration, something that happens here.

With THE BRUTAL STATE, Exarsis make the right step forward as it is made by Suicidal Angels with ‘Eternal Domination’ some years ago, entering on the rise as one of the most dynamic thrash metal bands not only in Greece, but also in thrash universe by and large. I do not know if this second album is a secret inspiration, but if the second hit is equally possible to go knock out at the end of the year. Supersonic squeaks, gang voices, fast as a shark guitars, gauntlets, denim and leather and a crazy drummer are the most important and wanting elements of creating a toxic, rabid and a truly wild production of an album that is definitely not jaded, but ably jagged!
Track Listing

1. Annihilation...Proceed!!!
2. Mind Poisoning
3. Addicting Life Waste
4. Vote For Crisis
5. Dying Earth
6. Toxic Terror
7. Surveillance Society
8. Apathy, Ignorance, Oblivion
9. Suicide Disorder
10. Under Destruction


Alex- Vocals
Chris T.- Guitar
Panos- Guitar
Chris P.- Bass
George- Drums



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