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Syndicate of Lethargy
February 2009
Released: Dece, Vendlus
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Munkwunk

Not much information is readily available about Norway's Execration except that they haven't been around long and that this is their first full-length album. Hailing from a nation known more for its black metal, Execration break away to offer a straight-up brutal death metal release. SYNDICATE OF LETHARGY doesn't make any attempt to be anything but the most brutal, ear-crushing metal it can be, and to that end it certainly achieves its goal.

If nerve-shattering, exhausting death metal is your thing, you'll find plenty of it here. Complete with razor sharp guitars and loads of fierce blast beats, SYNDICATE OF LETHARGY is everything that the genre is defined to be. Execration don't experiment with hardcore vocals and rarely bother with clean guitars, (though you will find some occasional voice samples and melodic riffing here and there throughout the album) they just offer a sound that is designed to give the listener a sound beating.

This album is a tribute to the days where death metal was just death metal, and it fits in well with the likes of classic Death or Deicide albums. SYNDICATE OF LETHARGY isn't for everybody, which is what you would expect from an extreme brutal death band like Execration.
Track Listing

1: Fleshfire
2: Desciples of the Suffering
3: Syndicate of Lethargy
4: Kuroi Kiri
5: Swarming Locusts
6: Voracious
7: Subconscious Warfare
8: Submission to Falsities
9: Clinging to Existence



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