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The Great Momentum
April 2017
Released: 2017, SPV
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It took me a number of years but, but I’ve finally decided. Edenbridge is my favourite female-fronted-Gothic-Symphonic-Progressive-Power Metal band. Yes, that is a ludicrous number of hyphens used to describe a band, I realize that, but there are a ludicrous number of bands in this style with a surprisingly large percentage from the Netherlands. The overall quality is so high in this sub-genre it is hard to distinguish favourites but after hearing THE GREAT MOMENTUM I made my decision.

THE GREAT MOMENTUM is the bands ninth album and their second album on the SPV label. There have been yet another couple of line-up changes putting the list of ex-members over a dozen now. The band has been Sabine and Lanvall forever with a rotating cast of characters, so it is not a surprise we see a new drummer on this record, Johannes Jungreithmeier. He also serves time in a Death/Black Metal band called Third Moon who also has Edenbridges’ other guitarist Dominik in the ranks. On a side note: I actually have a Third Moon album but I never made the connection until recently. I suppose the Austrian Metal scene is still a bit small but it seems odd to have two Death Metal guys in Edenbridge! That might also explain why the GREAT MOMENTUM is a possibly the heaviest album the band has done. The CD is nicely appointed and comes with a bonus disc of instrumental versions of the songs. They have a few guest stars and as a treat they redo an acoustic song called ‘Until The End Of Time’, which originally appeared on Lanvall and Sabine’s solo acoustic project Voiciano.

Recorded in Lanvalls’ studio (Farpoint Station), like all of the records, it sounds superb. There is still some orchestration all across this album, but it is a bit more restrained than the last effort. As I alluded to earlier, this is likely their fastest, heaviest album. The guitars have some extra bite and the songs are a shade faster as well, than the last two or three efforts. The nine-track album starts with seven excellent well-written, well-arranged songs, songs and then they stretch into two more progressive songs with two long songs to end the album, over seven minutes and twelve minutes respectively. There is the usual integration of acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, synthesizers, and the aforementioned classical styling’s, but overall the album has a driving tempo and a renewed fierceness. And lastly, the voice of Sabine is naturally the highlight of any Edenbridge project. He natural sweetness and semi-understated smooth delivery has always set Edenbridge in the upper echelons of this style. Her voice is flawless, showing no signs of deteriorating, even after doing this for almost 20 years! Also note, this month I also reviewed the bands 15th anniversary documentary DVD this month as well.

As I said in my intro, Edenbridge is my favourite act in style. With THE GREAT MOMENTUM they have even surpassed Nightwish whose last couple of studio albums now seem lack-lustre in comparison to the Austrians.
Track Listing

1. Shiantara
2. The Die Is Not Cast
3. The Moment Is Now
4. Until the End of Time
5. The Visitor
6. Return to Grace
7. Only a Whiff of Life
8. A Turnaround in Art
9. The Greatest Gift of All


Sabine Edelsbacher Vocals,
Lanvall Guitar Bass,
Dominik Sebastian Guitar
Johannes Jungreithmeier Drums



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