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Evil God
Deeds of the Antichrist (EP)
December 2009
Released: 2008, Negativity Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“God is a closet satanist" claims extreme Austin, Texas-based metal act in the inner sleeve of their 3-track (+intro) EP. Maybe they are even right about that - who knows. Evil God has been around since 2000 already, so it´s kinda mysterious that this EP is all that they have got recorded for their release catalogue, I mean officially. Sad cliché, but at least something is better than nothing anyway…

To be honest, I was actually expecting to hear some grim and raw necro-black metal when I saw the cover of THE DEEDS OF THE ANTICHRIST mini-CD. Gladly, this stuff is far away from the grimness and primitiveness of some necro-black metal. Evil God mixes quite a few styles of metal in their 3 songs (that are surprisingly lengthy tunes - each crossing the line of 6 minutes in length) on the EP; from speed to death to thrash metal, adding some momentary bits from black metal, too.

The guitar plays the most major role in Evil God´s sound. This contains some highly energetic speed riffing, a good handful of spot-on licks, decent soloing here and there, some nice crafted acoustic parts, switching from faster parts to slower parts without too much effort - and just all that stuff that makes their songs rather an interesting listening experience altogether. The vocals of this ´Elohim Astaroth´ dude, is the other thing that got my immediate attention. I would call this type of vocals as ´evil thrash vocals´, having this black metal type of screeches mixed up with it. His vocals slightly remind me of the vocals of Chris Bailey (of ex-Infernäl Mäjesty) – as well as Paul Ray from the already disbanded underground thrash/death metal band False Prophet (that was renamed as Infernal Heirarchy later). I really happen to like this type of vocals very much myself.

As far as the song structures are concerned, they should pay more attention to outline them just a bit more in order to give a right impact to them, I think. In places it sounds too much like they really haven´t thought through that carefully how they want this and that part to connect to each other. The keyboard is somewhat totally out of place in the last track “Sleeping Sickness”, tending to sound even a bit irritating in a long run, I´m afraid. It simply does not fit to the song at all. Also, the song starts dragging a bit toward the end when getting slower – and start sounding almost like some doom metal tune. Maybe it worked for them, but unfortunately did not work for me.

Still, overall a pretty good and promising EP from Evil God – and worth checking out because of the first 2 songs alone (excluding the keyboard intro).
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Dissociative Fugue State
03. Malignant Narcissist
04. Sleeping Sickness


Elohim Astharoth) - Vocals & programming
Dios Malvado (aka Malydios) - Bass, guitar &, synths
Lord Stephen Asteroth (aka
Lucifer Christ - Guitar

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