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Evil Drive
The Land Of The Dead
February 2016
Released: 2016, Mighty Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Kicking & quite literally screaming out of Finland come Evil Drive, presenting the metal world with their debut album THE LAND OF THE DEAD. While Evil Drive are a new band, two of the members (guitarist Ville Viren and drummer Juha Beck) have previous recording credits as part of power/goth-metal group Domination Black.

As for their music, Evil Drive can be classified as a melodic death metal band, sort of in the Arch Enemy mode. Certainly, vocalist Viktoria Viren has a more than passing resemblance to Angela Gossow while bringing enough of her own personality to the table to rise above mere copying. It’s a similar story for the band’s music as well. While it resides in a similar catchy melodic death realm as Arch Enemy, the band brings other elements into the music to make it their own. In most of the songs, that extra element is a thrash metal influence as a track like “World Cleaners” effortlessly merges the twin-melodicism of melo-death with a pure thrash sound. It certainly gets the head banging!

Elsewhere, the band reaches into balladry (“No Way in the Lie”) that shows off Viren’s clean vocal ability to admirable effect. In fact, the lead guitar work in this song is some of the most memorable on the album. Of course, that song is a one-off as the rest of the album quickly returns to the thrashy melodic death that is the band’s stock in trade, caving skulls with the title track and full-speed ahead “Iron Rain”.

Add it all up and you’ve got a fresh new voice in a somewhat stagnant genre. THE LAND OF THE DEAD is an excitingly good album that shows that Evil Drive is already prepared for prime time, despite having room to grow.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. World Cleaners
3. Bullet
4. War
5. Screaming Soul
6. No Way in the Lie
7. The Land of the Dead
8. Iron Rain
9. Lost Forever
10. Killer is Following You


Viktoria Viren: Vocals
Ville Viren: Guitar
Niko Huusari: Guitar
Marko Syrjala: Bass
Juha Beck: Drums



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