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Evil Army
March 2007
Released: 2006, Get Revenge! Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Three relatively young fellows at their twenties from Memphis, Tennessee - and who are clearly possessed by old, classic hardcore bands like G.B.H., Discharge, D.R.I. as well as KILL ´EM ALL -era Metallica (and why not early Slayer, too), have recorded a pretty impressive debut album in terms of pure aggression and unpolished rawness. Evil Army´s debut full-length, containing 13 speed driven cuts, is that type of crossover that many bands did in mid eighties – musically ready kill with no remorse. This is straight-in-yer-face, violent and shredding, old school and definitely honest - played with such a strong amount of conviction it shouldn´t leave anyone cold. However, in all honesty I find it kind of quite strange that there are still some bands out there that still do this type of stuff. In mid ´80s this type of crossover was highly popular amongst both punk/hardcore - and metal fans, bands like D.R.I., The Accused, C.o.C., Cryptic Slaughter, Ludichrist, Discharge and many others leading the way. But nowadays - in 2007, unfortunately you can hardly come across with a band like Evil Army. But when you do, you sort of feel nothing but sheer admire toward them as this once so hugely popular phenomenon known as ´crossover´, has at least ´unofficially´ ceased to exist for almost two decades ago.

Evil Army catapults 13 songs in the air in less than 25-minutes with ´no-fucking-bullshit-no-fucking-compromises´ -attitude, and that´s really enough what they need to do in order to please most of us old school crossover maniacs. Also, it must be spitted out in the same breath that kudos to a label like Get Revenge! Records for keeping the flag high for the old school crossover/hardcore/punk, and overall understanding the importance and influence of the genre for the whole metal world in later years to come.

In conclusion, Evil Army are actually pretty amazing at what they do, and therefore they deserve your support. And to support them, you can always buy their releases, right?
Track Listing

01. Edge of Destruction
02. Evil Army
03. Driven to Violence
04. Realm of Death
05. Wrong Approach
06. Sgt. Says Kill
07. Conquer Human Life
08. Severe Mental Disorder
09. Relentless Assault
10. Satan Made Me Do It
11. Scum of the Earth
12. Watch Me Fall
13. Friday the 13th


Rob Evil - Guitar/vocals
Bones - Bass
Michael Murder - Drums

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