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Everything At Once
Everything At Once
February 2007
Released: 2005, Linus
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

The self-titled debut from this Canadian band is simple and diverse, with 11 radio-friendly songs that I can't seem to categorize in one place. I can't quite call it metal because the style is strongly geared towards the masses, but I can't call it rock because it's a bit too heavy for that title. And I don't want to call it nu-metal because, well, this album is actually pretty good.

Songs like "See You Later" and "Led Into This Life" are what hard rock lovers will grab onto, and what radio stations search for. (Their Myspace page even has a listing of all the radio stations in the US and Canada that play their songs). The heavier songs feature some screams along with the standard clean vocals that so many popular bands of this style incorporate. The last song on the album is a mellow, acoustic tune that makes me think Nirvana – depressing musically and lyrically.

Everything At Once is far from being something that will appeal to the average metalhead, but if you succumb once in a while to hard rock radio, this band will most likely grab you.
Track Listing

1. Find My Own Place
2. Hit the Deck
3. Shut Your Face
4. See You Later
5. Boys on the Hill
6. Bail on You
7. Led Into This Life
8. Stand Up
9. Social Inmate
10. Carnivore
11. Medicate and Bleed


Al Redmond - vocals
Carl Redmond - guitar/vocals
Stephan Przybysz - drums
Tim Lalonde - guitar
Stu Sisler - bass

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