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The Dawning
July 2016
Released: 2015, Tribunal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

If someone put a gun to my head, forced me to listen to Everthrone’s second album, THE DAWNING and said, ‘Guess where Everthone are from…or else!”, Well… I’d be dead. Never in a million Metal years would I guess that this superb European-styled, Progressive Power Metal band is from South Carolina! Finland? Sure! Sweden? No problem? South Carolina? WTF? But all that doesn’t matter; where Everthrone are from is unimportant because they make fantastic music and geography becomes irrelevant when you are sitting and listening to a song.

This relatively young band have issued their sophomore album in 2015 and the quintet are on the up and coming Tribunal/Divebomb label, who are doing some great work supporting the underground scene. These guys were known as Merzah for a while but have evolved into the more melodic Everthrone. We will now do our traditional name-dropping as our points of reference, I hear bits of later-era, Sonata Arctica, and the singer, Russell Pyler sounds a bit like Pellek, which is a fantastic compliment in my mind. His tone and style are very appealing, not too abrasive but clear and powerful with a fairly unique timbre.

Musically, THE DAWNING is very classy and classic European Power Metal. There are not too fast but have a good sense of pace and tempo, just driving along bringing the listener on a nice ride, like on the cut ‘Children Of A Dying Sun’. There are some symphonic and orchestral moments with acoustic piano and various sonic flourishes that really take a song like ‘Under A Burning Sky’ into more interesting and dynamic realms. ‘Crimson gold’ is a very engaging Power Ballad and the album ends on a strong note with a catchy track called ‘All things Manifest’ with a huge epic, show-stopping, sing-along section in the back-third of the song.

South Carolina? I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. Everthrone have what it takes to compete in big Euro leagues. Someone take them on tour! Until that happens, go check out THE DAWNING…it is not a gamble, you won’t be disappointed.
Track Listing

1. This Great Expanse
2. Consciousness
3. Children of a Dying Sun
4. Under a Burning Sky
5. Crimson Gold
6. The Anarchist
7. Loss
8. Masquerade
9. Word of the Oracle
10. All Things Manifest


Russell Plyler Vocals
Nevin McKeown Guitars
Daniel Carner Bass
Chris Carland Keyboards
Jeremy McKeown Drums



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