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The Great Brotherwar
January 2018
Released: 2017, Noiseart
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I just happened to get on board with Evertale early on, not as early as the olden days when they were known as Blackened but as early as their debut in 2013. I gave OF DRAGONS AND ELVES very high marks and have looked forward to the follow-up ever since. For your amusement here is a direct quote from my review of the debut album. “It will not be long before some label scoops them up”. Truer words were never spoke. I love it when my prediction comes true. Although it was not much of a stretch, you’d have to be a deaf fool not to hear the incredible quality of this band. The fine folks at NoiseArt Records heeded the call and have signed Germany’s Evertale, reissued the debut in 2015 and have continued on for their sophomore album THE GREAT BROTHERWAR.

Aside from a change in drummers, with the addition of former Finsterforst skinsman, ‘Wombo’ things seem pretty consistent. This time they decided to feature Andreas Marshall on the cover art of the somewhat oddly titled album. It seems like a concept album with lots of narration and sound-effects but the story does not seem really fleshed out. Is it set in the past or future? I’m not sure. There is talk of dragons and knights but sounds of machine guns in a battle and songs about space marines. A bit of research shows me that the album is based on the tabletop game, Warhammer 40,000. I started to do a bit of reading, but there is a ton of backstory. It seems very elaborate with many location and character references scattered through the lyrics. I didn’t play the game so most of it is lost on me, but fans of the game will love it!

The band is still epic and bombastic, rivaling Orden Ogan and taking a page from Blind Guardian in the dense sound and big gang vocals. They continue on with glorious and epic Power Metal, not too symphonic or orchestral, just heavy and fast for most of the album. Various instrumental interludes break-up the pace of the fast album, giving all of us a little bit of breathing room. The albums rips and tears and the concluding epic, title track ends on an almost Manowar note with horns and a clean vocals line and the aforementioned big gang vocals again. Highlight tracks for me are 'Journey to Iskendria' and 'Chapter 666'.

My version comes with a bonus cover tune of Van Canto’s Take to The Sky. That seems odd to me, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Van Canto does a capella versions of Metal songs (with a few originals) and now a Metal band is covering an a capella band song. Strange, but cool.

With almost four years since the debut album in late 2013, Evertale used their down time wisely to make a incredible second effort that matches the legacy of the debut. The future is very bright for this band!
Track Listing

1. Battle for Mankind
2. Empire Rising
3. The Swarm
4. The Joining
5. For the King and the Crown
6. Oceans of Sand
7. The Journey to Iskendria
8. Chapter 666 (We Are the Hammer)
9. March of the Nord
10. And the Dragons Return
11. All Hail the Crimson King
12. The Great Brotherwar
13. Take to the Sky


Matthias Graf Vocals, Guitar
Matthias Holzapfel Guitar
Marco Bächle Bass,
Cornelius Heck Drums



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