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Trinity: The Annihilation
June 2015
Released: 2015, My Kingdom Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Here we have Italy’s Eversin, a band that started life in 2000 under the name Fuoco Fatuo. They released one album under that name before switching to their current Eversin moniker, and under that name they’ve released another two albums. TRINITY: THE ANNIHILATION is the band’s fourth album over all, featuring a very dour, grim cover befitting the album’s title.

The promo materials describe the band’s music as thrash, and fortunately that’s true. What’s unfortunate is that it’s thrash of the modern, groove-tinged variety, more closely bordering on mallcore than on, say, Testament (whom the bio calls out). Every song is packed full of down-tuned riffs, breakdowns, and Angelo Ferrante’s shouted vocals. Without much variation, TRINITY can be a chore to sit through in a single listen. That said, there are some interesting bits to be found. “We Will Prevail”, featuring guest guitar by ex-Forbidden axe-man Glen Alvelais has several tasty guitar licks and nice, chugging riff. As well, “Chaosborn”’s full-on speed metal attack is more reminiscent of the band’s claimed ‘80s thrash roots. Unfortunately the majority of the album howls and rages like a mid-2003 “modern” thrash album, dragged down by, sorry, Ferrante’s monotone vocals.

As TRINITY is Eversin’s third release in five years, the band obviously has the passion to keep making music, and I applaud them for that. While it’s good that they’re not aping their stated influences, I wonder if the band needs to be a bit more honest with themselves about their musical style as I just don’t see pure thrash fans buying into this.
Track Listing

1. Flagellum Dei
2. Fire Walk With Me
3. Chaosborn
4. We Will Prevail
5. Crown of Nails
6. Beneath an Atomic Sun
7. Litanies of War
8. Trinity


Angelo Ferrante: Vocals
Giangabriele Lo Pilato: Guitar
Ignazio Nicastro: Bass, Harsh Vocals
Danilo Ficicchia: Drums
James Rivera: Guest Vocals on “Fire Walk With Me”
Glen Alvelais: Guest Guitar on “We Will Prevail”



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