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Everlasting Tales
And The Tales Begin
July 2005
Released: 2005, Nope!
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This is a symphonic Power Metal disc from Malaysia; it is essentially a demo, but it certainly looked nice. The performance is refreshing, as the swirling keyboards and the presence of a full-time violinist all add a classy touch. The drums are fine, and well-recorded. The bass is a little low, and—like their heroes, Rhapsody—the guitars are often too low in the mix to make the proper impact. The riffs are fine, but the mix just simply robs them of their power. A two-guitar band should come across much harder, in this sense.

I’d also like to say something nice about the songwriting—it’s very professional, and tasteful. The choruses are catchy, and the arrangements are frequently quite clever. “Thunderous Symphony,” with it’s fantasy-friendly chorus and ripping solos, was stuck inside my head for days; I finally had to pry the fucker out with a sharpened toothbrush. Combined with stronger production, this would reign alongside any of their peers…

Except for one thing.

I’ll try to put this delicately. The problem is the vocals. There are both male and female vocalists. The male singer reminds me of the off-key warbler who used to compose MIDI versions of Iron Maiden songs over the internet (Anton Maiden, I believe he was called). He never truly sings, so much as stumble sheepishly forward into the mic. And the female singer is even worse—it was actually a guilty pleasure to listen to her. She is clearly not well versed in English, and annunciates her words like an immigrant asking for directions. She sounds like a foreign exchange student drunkenly assaulting a karaoke machine. I know this is bad, bad karma, but…I can’t resist it: “Me rock you long time!”

This band needs either a vocal coach, a new singer, or to sing in their native tongue until more comfortable in Western dialect. I say this not to be a prick; I say it because this band is truly great—their songwriting is fantastic, their instrumentation is terrific, and their talent and potential is near boundless. But the vocals are ridiculous. This is what hobbits listen to when they’re stoned. Take my advice, guys. Fix this—you could be huge.

Track Listing

1. Forever

2. Thunderous Symphony


E.J - Vocals
Ghani - Vocals/Guitar
Fharees - Vocals/Keyboard
Lee - Guitars
Moose - Bass
Mizal - Drum/Percussion
Ruby - Violin

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