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Solitude Dominance Tragedy
December 2001
Released: 1999, Gothenburg Noiseworks
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Mosquito

With the recent release of Evergrey's IN SEARCH OF TRUTH and the interview here at Metal-Rules with Evergrey's Tom Englund and ProgPowerUSA 2.0 just finishing up, there's been quite a noise about Evergrey; however, they deserve all recognition they recieve. Sadly, I've noticed that we didn't have a review for SOLITUDE DOMINANCE TRAGEDY, Evergrey's second release and in my opinion their best so far. I have decided to rectify this terrible situation.

SOLITUDE DOMINACE TRAGEDY, unlike the recent release IN SEARCH OF TRUTH, is not a concept album. Each song on this album revolves around Abductions, Ghosts, Nosferatu, etc. Evergrey can not be compared to anyone. I've sat here and tried many times to compare them to someone but never suceed. They have a distinct sound and I'm really not sure how they do it, but I am positive they will stick with it because it gives them their edge other bands. The music is dark, moody, and melodic. Tom's vocals set the tone for each song starting from the beginning track, "Solitude Within."

"Solitude Within" starts off with a chaotic sounding rhythm and then leaps into a groove sort of rhythm (no not disco!). By now you're at least intrigued by this and then Tom's voice hits you over the head. His voice is very dark and emotional. Thankfully he manages not to make it sound like he's whining and depressed about everything. He keeps the music heavy and the choruses beautiful. The keyboards are also key in creating a dark atmosphere, but thankfully they don't drown everything else out. However, if you're into keyboards, the next track has lots of it.

"Nosferatu," which in my opinion is the easiest track to get into, once again starts out with a groove rhythm and then leaps into a really cool keyboard arrangement. The song isn't as fast paced as the previous track but it's damn catchy. The chorus is really cool and easy to sing at a concert (if you're lucky enough to see them live).

Another thing worth mentioning is the really cool cover art, which you can obviously see. However, the cover is actually more detailed than you can tell by looking at the small image. The blue part is actually different pictures representing different topics in the song. I have yet to figure out what the three heads are suppose to be. I took a wild guess and figured they represented Solitude, Dominance, and Tragedy.

The point is, this album rocks. Don't contemplate buying it. Just buy it! It is one of my favourite cd's and it's pretty easy to get into. Hell, it's even good enough to try to play for people who aren't into metal! Maybe you could convert some people with this album to the dark side. More sales means more touring. I know you want to see these guys on an American tour!

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