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December 2008
Released: 2009, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

We (Metal-Rules) seem to have lost track of Edenbridge in recent years, with only a couple of reviews in the database so I thought I’d comment on the new album. Austria’s Edenbridge has been incredibly productive in the last decade. In fact I can’t think of many other bands who have put out nine releases in nine years. If you include Lanvall’s solo album from 1994, that is ten for ten! They are one of the more prolific bands around right now. The new Edenbridge live album (their second) follows the trend of many artists, such as Anvil, Cradle Of Filth, and Dream Theater, of trying maximize their efforts by focusing directly on their target market. Namely this live album is available as a fan-club only album. I didn’t go as far as to pre-order the album and get my name listed in the credits, however, I am enough of a fan that I ordered it directly from the band, thereby maximizing their profit.

As for LIVEEARTHDREAM it is fantastic and well worth the few dollars. It is a single live CD with 14 tracks recorded at various shows in 2008. One feature I appreciate is that there is no duplication from their last live album, A LIVETIME IN EDEN from 2004. In fact I think it is great how unlike some bands, “Ahem, cough, Iron Maiden”, Edenbridge stagger their live albums nicely through their career to showcase songs from the last few albums without massive song repetition. As it stands we get cuts from the last three studio platters, SHINE, THE GRAND DESIGN and of course MYEARTHDREAM.

What first struck me was that sonically the songs are much heavier and even a shade faster when played live. The band has always had many, many studio layers but these songs work well. They likely use back-up tapes to fill out the sound developed on the studio album, for additional flavour. The production is top quality, although it is rare to hear a ‘bad’ live album these days as most things are done direct to a digital board. Gone are the days of really lousy sounding rooms with bad microphones that screw up the sound! Sabine’s voice has always been my favorite of all of the gothic, operatic, soprano style singers in metal these days. Her voice has a certain sweetness to it that I appreciate, I could listen to her sing all day!

Overall this live album is a great package, nicely designed and laid out, great sound, good songs that accent their melodic, progressive metal approach. It is a great stop-gap for fans until the new studio album comes out in 2010.
Track Listing

The Force Within (Intro)
Remember Me
Undying Devotion
Wild Chase
For Your Eyes Only
Terra Nova
Move Along Home
Centennial Legend
Fallen From Grace


Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocals)
Lanvall (Guitars)
Dominik Sebastian (Guitar)
Max Pointer (Drums)

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