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May 2012
Released: 2011, Steel Gallery
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The label Steel Gallery has always had a good ear for finding talent and their new signing Everflow is no exception. ABANDONED is the debut full-length by this quintet from Greece. The band has been slogging it out in the underground for a few years and they have a demo, an EP and now the debut. The debut actually includes all the songs from the independent EP (also called ABANDONED) from a few years back. I’m not sure if the songs we re-recorded for the full-length or not.

When you write as many reviews ads I do sometimes finding the words to describe a band can be a challenge, so the reviews don’t sound repetitive but sometimes the most direct adjectives work the best. Everflow play progressive Power Metal with lots of melody. Pure and simple. The vocals of Marko Vanavalis are quite high, he has a great voice and can really hit those high notes with ease, like the screams on the end of the second cut ‘Soiled’. The band oddly enough choose to open with an instrumental, not just a short intro, but a full four minute song! I would have put it deeper into the track sequence as I felt impatient to be able to hear the vocals. Of course I wasn’t disappointed and it was worth the wait. Marko is a great natural talent delivering the soaring lyrics with conviction and there are some good backup vocals to help him along.

There are some symphonic flourishes scattered across all the songs which range in tempo and intensity. There is some acoustic piano on the song ‘Sunsetter’ and on the moving ‘Forgive Me’, which starts as a ballad before having an increase intempo. There are some orchestral parts here and there as well as possibly synthesized atmospheric components like flute and violin. Everflow don’t over-utilize those elements they are just part of the sonic textures of the album, the emphasis is driving Metal to the end. The songs are a little more complex and progressive than a straight-ahead true-Metal band, some of the compositions hitting the seven or eight minute mark. The band does emphasize strong songs and melody moreso than all-out aggression, but the guitars are still crunchy and there are lots of little licks and solos on the album.

The Greek scene is so strong that a young band has to be really proficient to even get into the game and I feel Everflow has what it takes. ABANDONED is a fine effort and I’m looking forward to more.
Track Listing

1. Cry
2. Soiled
3. Sunsetter
4. My Disaster
5. Genius?
6. A Dream Within A Dream
7. Forgive Me
8. Mindtrap
9. A Piece To Destroy
10. Through The Mirror
11. Back To Nowhere


Markos Valavanis Vocals
Takis Tairidis Guitars
Dimitris Dounas Guitars
John Chatzigiannis Bass
John Nalliantis Drums

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