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December 2017
Released: 2017, 7Hard
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Carnage! Because I am a true patriot, once or twice a year I like to do a quick spotlight and some short reviews on newer, independent, underground Canadian Metal bands. That time is now! Thanks to all of the bands who sent me material for my spotlight. In the spirit of the PMRC, I have chosen a ‘Filthy Fifteen’ (+1!) as some (but not all!) of the bright lights, innovators and leaders of Canadian Metal. Most of them are independent bands releasing their debut album or EP in 2017. Check these bands out, they are the future of Metal! They are (listed alphabetically)…

Abomb (Calgary)

Decatur (Toronto)

Emblem (St. John’s)

Evereal (Mission)

Hammerdrone (Calgary)

Heaven’s Fire (Toronto)

Hounskull (Mississauga)

Ice War (Ottawa)

Maglor (Calgary)

Monarch Woods (London)

Operus (Toronto)

Osyron (Calgary)

Solarus (London)

The Lightbringer (Quebec City)

To The Mountains (Lethbridge)

Votov (Winnipeg)

This is one of the few bands in my Canadian Carnage feature that is not truly indie. Evereal from Mission, BC have signed to the 7Hard label in Germany. While that label is maybe not a household name like Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast to North American Metal fans, they are a long-running and respected label that have some bigger name bands on it, like Belgium’s Fireforce and Australia’s Empires of Eden. They really are a label with international scope so I was pleased to see Evereal get the push they deserve.

This female fronted, symphonic Power Metal band have more in common with the multitude of bands from Austria and the Netherlands than one might expect coming from rural British Columbia! This quintet is new ands is already making waves, I’d guess based largely on the strength of vocalist, Stephanie. Her operatic voice soars as the competent band behind her drives out epic sounding Metal tunes with keyboards and little spoken word segments to flesh out the sound. The songs are largely 3-4 minutes long, hooky, catchy and may appeal too fans of Amaranthe and so on. It is very well executed.

Canada Metal has been bogged down in generic modern Metal or derivative Tech Death stuff for so long, Evereal is like a breath of fresh air.
Track Listing

1. Psycho
2. Frost Sign
3. Caution
4. Sinful
5. Veil
6. Wish
7. Darkness
8. Anger
9. Scars


Stephanie Neufeld Vocals
Stephen Roberts Guitar
David Bevis Keyboards
Gord Esau Bass
Rob Queen Drums



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