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Scratching At The Surface
September 2003
Released: 2003, Insideout
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

My first real experience with Event and I must say I am disappointed. It is my own fault I suppose as I had mentally lumped them into a category of prog metal if for no other reason than they were on Insideout with bands like Threshold and Enchant.

Well, Event is modern rock…and occasion make the leap to hard rock. I’m not a huge fan of this style. I’m hearing many elements I normally don’t enjoy and far too much grunge and alt-rock influence. The vocals remind me of too many 90’s dudes who tend to talk the words rather than sing.

Competent? Most certainly. I thought the acoustic guitar work in ‘Into The Fray’ to be most impressive. There are many secondary elements that save this album from a much lower grade. Great production, good design and presentation, if a bit subdued or even dull. The vocals are too far back in the mix and the guitar tone has that annoying modern buzz I don’t like but overall is well presented. Painfully wimpy lyrics are printed in the booklet along with photos and a cool cover, which partly make up for a boring band logo and name.

Overall the songs are dull and sound the same, they just drone along in a mid-range tempo, presenting neither highs nor lows in emotion or delivery. The thirteen songs, all in the radio friendly three point five to four minute zone tend to blend together and sound way to long. I don’t know…this might appeal to fans of Creed and Nickleback and those type of acts...competent, kinda verging on heavy, but safe, clean unadventurous and just not to my taste. An An average grade for a disappointingly average band.
Track Listing

1. Make Your Way
2. Under My Skin
3. Someone
4. One Simple Fall
5. Live Life Love Breed
6. Scratching At The Surface
7. Won’t Come Loose
8. Siren
9. Into The Fray
10. All Too Real
11. It Makes…Me
12. Pleasure In The Pain
13. Too Much


Dave DeLuco-vocals
Shaun Michaud-Guitars
Jay Rigney-Bass
Matt Scurfeild-Drums



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