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Live Momentum
January 2018
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It has been a busy and productive year for Austria’s Edenbridge. They released a very strong album (THE GREAT MOMENTUM) in February of 2017 and they quickly followed it up with a live album appropriately called LIVE MOMENTUM. I’m a long time fan-club member of Edenbridge and this was one of those fan-funded, fan-club-only deals. They opted for this route on a prior occasion in 2009 with their second live album LIVEEARTHDREAM.

The band put together a nice package, a 14-track, 72-minute concert compilation. This disc was a collection of live shows on their last tour. The design of the booklet while adequate could use a bit of work. The album is a collection of songs from the tour but the band doesn’t say, where or when each song was recorded, nor do they even say what tour! There are tons of photos but no lyrics. If you are going to release a live album to document an event or tour…tell the fans about it!

I must admit, I’m just slightly disappointed in this live album for a number of more technical reasons. Despite excellent sound quality and great performances it falls just a little flat, because it lacks, what, to my ears I enjoy in the live setting. I can’t say for sure but it sounds like it was right off the soundboard. The possible disadvantage of this is that it sounds almost too good! It sounds like the studio stuff with cheering added. There are no cover tunes, no jams, no extended solo sections, no rare or unreleased songs, and virtually no crowd banter or interaction. They completely skip the first five albums focusing on the last three. I don’t mind when a band is proud of, and showcase, their newer material and doesn’t want to live of past accomplishments but it wouldn’t hurt to hear an old favorite! The only thing slightly different is a two-song medley of ‘The Greatest Gift Of All’ and ‘The Bonding’ with which they close the show. Essentially what they are doing is duplicating the pattern so infamously pioneered by the Canadian Prog rock band Rush; Three or four studio albums, then a live album documenting those last three studio albums.

All of these minor complaints are secondary to the superb musicianship and song-writing of this excellent band. There is a reason I’m in the fan-club and bought this fan-club only album, I think Edenbridge is great, among the very best of this style, specifically symphonic female-fronted Power Metal (In case you were not aware) So, despite a slightly sterile and uninspired Live album, it is still pretty cool collectible of the tour that came nowhere within 10,000km of my home nation!
Track Listing

1. The Force Within
2. Mystic River
3. Alight a New Tomorrow
4. Skylines' End
5. Shiantara
6. The Moment Is Now
7. Return to Grace
8. Star-Crossed Dreamer
9. The Die Is Not Cast
10. Remember Me
11. The Invisible Force
12. Solitaire
13. The Greatest Gift of All / The Bonding
14. Higher


Sabine Edelsbacher Vocals
Lanvall Guitar
Dominik Sebastian Guitar
Stefan Gimpl Bass
Johannes Jungreithmeier Drums



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