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March 2012
Released: 2012, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The importance of Nightwish on the evolution of and influence on symphonic, gothic, operatic type Metal cannot be understated. With their explosion of global popularity, this particular sub-genre has been one of, if not the fastest, expanding sub-genres of Metal in recent years. Every month many of these types of bands from around the world enter onto the scene. This month (in honour of International Women’s Day, March 8th) we are going to have a quick look at seven newer bands, all of whom have a female vocalist, and all have released new albums recently. They are Diabolus In Musica (Spain), Evenoire (Italy), Meden Agan (Greece), Scarleth (Ukraine), Silent Opera (Italy), Sin Heresy (Italy), and Xandria (Germany). If you like the neo-classic, symphonic (etc) sub-genre, feel free to read the reviews in this series.

Italy really is the home of neo-classical symphonic metal. They seem to have a stranglehold on the style and Evenoire are one of the latest bands to carry the torch. Formed just a few years ago VITRIOL is the quintet’s full-length debut, found safely at home on Scarlet Records who specialize in this style as well.

The album starts (naturally) with an instrumental introduction and I’m glad because these types of introductions are almost mandatory, it’s disappointing if a neo-classic, symphonic band doesn’t have an intro! It’s almost like a handshake. If someone one doesn’t put out their hand before getting down to business it’s rude! The first song proper is called ‘Days Of The Blackbird’ and we get to hear the latest songbird, namely Elisa Stefanoni. Her voce is charming and works well with the flute and harp that is scattered around the songs on the album. Her delivery is not overly bombastic but she certainly can belt it our at times. She also handles the flute and her soling at the beginning of the track, ‘Misleading Paradise’.

VITRIOL cruises along at a steady pace, the 45 minute album seems to soar by, never dragging. There are a few longer songs allowing for more experimentation in the composition and arrangements of the songs. The production is nicely balanced and the guitar tone is quite smooth and non-abrasive. The flute take the spot of a guitar solo on occasion for some more dynamics.

VITRIOL is a very competent and well-executed album. Interesting drumming, harp, flute, some spoken word stuff all add to the overall impact of Stefanoni’s very nice voice. I hope they have a long and successful career.
Track Listing

Elisa Stefanoni Vocals, Flute
Alessandro Gervasi Guitar
Toshiro Brunelli Guitar
Marco Binotto Bass
Daniele Foroni Drums


1. Vitriol
2. Days of the Blackbird
3. Misleading Paradise
4. Forever Gone
5. The Prayer
6. Girl by the Lake
7. Minstrel of Dolomites
8. Alchimia
9. Wise King

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