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Ethan Brosh
Live The Dream
November 2016
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a hell of a lot of Metal in the world and no one can track it all. Once in a while I will discover (or re-discover) something through a series of nice circumstances. As of time of writing (late October 2016) I was scheduled to go to the City of Toronto on a business trip. I was researching to see if there were any Metal gigs when I was in town. One piece of info caught my eye, a gig for a guy named Ethan Bosh. I thought, “They can’t mean Ethan BROSH, the guitarist of Angels Of Babylon?” I checked his website and sure enough they had spelled his name wrong and it was him! More importantly I learned that Brosh had left Angels of Babylon and had released another solo album. He first caught my ear when I reviewed both Angles of Babylon albums back in 2010 and 2013.

Since leaving Angels Of Babylon, Brosh has signed with Carmine Appice label Rocker Records and has released his second solo album LIVE THE DREAM. He was on Magna Carta for his 2009 debut album OUT OF OBLIVION. This instrumental album sees Brosh doing what every good instrumental sol album should do, play hard and play fast!

Brosh buts out his considerable ranges of styles and talents and channels his inner Satriani. LIVE THE DREAM is structured like the quintessential solo instrumental album. The album kicks off with a one-two-three punch of fast showcase songs that live up to the Metal mantra of ‘full speed or no speed’. Up next a much more progressive ballad-style piece called, ‘Knock On Wood’ . As the album continues on each songs showcases a different side his formidable talents. There is the flamenco tinged song, ‘Suspicious Exchange’ with some very nice picking, the country-fried, ‘When Picks Fly’ that sounds like it could fit on a John Five solo album and the stomping grind of ‘Rude Awakening’. He does it all and does it very, very well. There are some spacey ambient moments in some of the shorter cuts and the whole album very well produced. What I really enjoyed about LIVE THE DREAM is that there is a sense of song as well as virtuosic performance. This reminds me very much of 80’s, early 90’s Joe Satrinai solo albums, where playing and song-writing mesh very nicely. It is not like, for example, a Joe Stump solo album of pure shred, (which are still really cool) LIVE THE DREAM is far more song based. The songs are very catchy, you could easily lay some lyrics on top of some of these songs.

I haven’t been this impressed or enjoyed an instrumental solo album for quite a while. I’m a bit late to the party as LIVE THE DREAM came out in 2014 but better late than never and great albums like this are timeless. I ranked it a bit high because i'm a big fan of this stuff so moderate your score accordingly. If you love instrumental sol albums, yo util want to check this out and even if yo are a casual fan of there genre, this should be higher on your list to check out. Listen to the album by the guy who Yngwie J. Malmsteen thought was good enough to open for him on this last big tour!
Track Listing

1. Live the Dream
2. Forbidden Pleasure
3. Bottomless Pit
4. Knock on Wood
5. Space Invaders
6. Suspicious Exchange
7. Rude Awakening
8. Dawn of the Old Era
9. Clean Slate
10. Silver Lining
11. Up the Stairway
12. When Picks Fly
13. Crying Moon


Ethan Brosh - Guitar



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