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Labyrinth Of Reason
June 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

We at like to try to be on the cutting edge of the underground when it comes to discovering and helping bring exposure to real metal bands. Accordingly, I was very pleased to learn about the Chilean Symphonic Power Metal band, Eternus. Based in Valparaiso, this quintet has just released their debut album, LABYRINTH OF REASON.

When I first read the name ‘Eternus’ I wasn’t impressed, it seems like such a common name, but in hindsight, there are actually only a few bands called Eternus and the name has grown on me. Perhaps I was thinking too much of Solitude Aeternus. The album cover is nice, the band logo is decent and they look and sound professional. It is a common practice while Death Metal albums are really short, Symphonic Metal albums are really long, and this is a long album running an hour and half! Death Metal wants to make a point and get out while the more progressive sounds of Eternus need time to tell the tale. There are fifteen tracks, four instrumentals and ten of the cuts are over six minutes long, so the band can really stretch their song-writing wings and have some time to display their technical skills.

LABYRINTH OF REASON is a very strong debut. The album opens with a longer, atmospheric introduction (with strings, choirs and epic narration of course!) and the first song is a speedy, tour-de-force of symphonic, progressive sounds. Keyboards are all over the place, not only as an accompanying instrument but as a lead instrument as well. Keyboardist Felipe Rozas uses a variety of tones and styles from acoustic piano to wide open tones and notes to very 80’s synth inspired speedy solos. The instrumental ‘Baroque Hera’ is a technical masterpiece. The guitars of Roberto do not get left behind as the pair duel it out on occasion for some exciting sounds. There are a variety of tempos and paces on the album but they band is certainly fast when they need to be, many of the songs intensely racing along. The vocals of Omar are lower and more subdued than many of the higher register Power Metal bands. He has a unique tone that I like, he sounds classically trained perhaps. There are also some gruff, almost death vocals and there is also narration as well. I’m not sure if he does all of it, but the variety in styles adds nice depth to the vocals.

Due to the very nature of symphonic, progressive Power Metal it is really hard to do poorly. To be even able to attempt the style with any level of competency you have to be a proficient musician, unlike punk music for example where any kid can pick up a guitar and start bashing away. To be in the Power Metal match you have to be able to play and everyone can play at a very high level so often it comes down, not too technical proficiency, but song-writing, composition and arrangements. When an album like LABYRINTH OF REASON is an hour an half long is has to keep your attention. I believe it does, it never got boring or felt too long. Some people say 90 minutes is too long for a record but I disagree. Those same hypocrites will sit still and watch a two-hour movie but won't sit and listen to a 90-minute piece of music! Eternus have created something pretty massive debut album that I would easily recommend for fans of this style.
Track Listing

1. Echoes from the Storm
2. Forever
3. Nemesis of the Gods
4. In the Lap of Death
5. Rebirth
6. Dream Catcher
7. Prison of Mortality
8. Ashes from the Past
9. Internal Force
10. Baroque Hera
11. Ancestral Journey
12. Chalice of Blood
13. Light of Tomorrow
14. Frozen Time
15. Final Eclipse


Omar Tabildo Vocals
Roberto Aros Guitars
Felipe Rozas Keyboards
Martin Muñoz Bass
Nicolas Vargas Drums

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