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Eternity's End
The Fire Within
April 2016
Released: 2016, Power Prog Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The German Label Power Prog is on a winning streak with the signing of three very cool new bands, Arctic Void, Endless and Eternity’s End. Eternity’s End is also from Germany and this new band (as time of writing) is about to launch their debut album, THE FIRE WITHIN.

Despite being a new band there are some veteran dudes in this quartet, but there is a twist! Almost every member of this band was formerly in a Death Metal band of some sort. The members have boasted membership in Obscura, Scholomance, Spawn Of Posession, Necrophagist and more. It seems strange, (but very welcome) that these guys known largely for Death Metal decided to try their hand at Progressive Power Metal. They do a damn fine job too! Leading the charge on vocals is none other than Sir Ian Parry! Being a touch older than the other guys in the band Parry has a long and prolific history with bands such as Vengeance, his various solo projects, countless guest appearances and of course Elegy.

ETERNITY’S END play and excellent variety of progressive Power Metal fast, heavy with lots of keyboards and solos. THE FIRE WITHIN leads off with the speedy title track and never looks back as they race for the blazing horizon. Parry sounds really fired up on this album giving one of his better vocals in ages. He has always had a great voice, often in context with mellower material but he really brings his A game to the table on the album, perhaps his finest vocal performance ever. There are a few operatic backup vocals as to help fill in the sound.

I’ll say one thing, the Death Metal dudes known how to play and play fast. We are talking Dragonforce/ Pathfinder / old Sonata Arctica /territory, just ripping fast solos and riffs, fingers a flying and keyboards a blazin’ all over the place. The whole pace of the album leaves you breathless, tracks like ‘Twilight Warrior’ are relentless. I think keyboardist, Jimmy Pitts could give Janne Warmen a run for his money. The melodies are super sweet as well, the track ‘Chains Of The Earth’ could have fit nicely on a mid-90’s Helloween album.

THE FIRE WITHIN is one of the best debut albums I have heard this year and I hope beyond all hope that this band stays together and it is not just a one-off project by the Death Metal guys to satisfy the urge to play Power Metal. If they stay together they have the potential to be one of the big names in the genre.
Track Listing

1. The Fire Within
2. Demonblade
3. The Hourglass
4. Eagle Divine
5. White Lies
6. Twilight Warrior
7. Chains Of The Earth
8. The Dark Tower
9. Moonstruck
10. The Fall Of The House Of Usher


Ian Parry Vocals
Christian Muenzner Guitar
Jimmy Pitts Keyboards
Linus Klausenitzer Bass
Hannes Grossmann Drums



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