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Guardians of the Treasure
September 2000
Released: 1999, independent
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Rick

Eternia are another in a long line of great new bands to come out of Sweden. I received this e.p. after making contact with the band after hearing an MP3 on the internet. The band consists of Daniel Niemann on guitar, Mats Dahlberg: vocals, Patrik Nordendahl: bass, Ronny Bloyold: guitar and Magnus Larsson on the drums. The bands collective influences consist of Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Rhapsody, Dream Theater and Helloween. So if you were wondering what kind of music Eternia produces you need only look at their influences. They play powermetal, sometimes symphonic and at other times straight forward but always melodic.

Guardians of the Treasure is only 5 songs so this will be kind of brief. The disc opens with te track "Soldiers of the Night". It is a tale of soldiers and battles on horseback. Pretty standard powermetal fare. Great opening track. The scorcher "Eye of the Storm" is up next. This song chronicles mans inferiority to nature. The title track is the best tune on the CD. Again the lyrics are standard fare of dragons and treasure. Nonetheless this is one great tune. Vocalist Dahlberg stretches his vocal chords on this track. He has a voice that is neither too high pitched or too deep and can hit the high notes with no problems. "As I Fall" is a Hammerfallish track which falls in the mid tempo range. Nice contrast to the first 3 songs which were slightly more symphonic. The ballad "Goodbye" closes out the disc. This song is probably my least favourite as it is kind of repetitive.

I have to give credit to Eternia for their CD packaging. For an independent release the picture on the back of the CD case is very interesting. It’s a shot of the band with a silver dragon overlay. Very nice. The production is a little thin as the bass is very hard to hear but again for an independent CD it is acceptable. With a little refinement Eternia could be make some inroads on the metal scene. Check them out at
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