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Eternal Torture
Lacerate The Global Hate
October 2013
Released: 2013, Noisehead Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Eternal Torture have certainly lived up to their name with their latest release by endlessly torturing my ear drums for over half an hour. When you’re given an album that makes you want to turn it off more than once, you know you’ve been landed with a true stinker. By that I am referring to ‘Lascerate The Global Hate.’

This, I can safely claim, is a classic example of experimentation gone horribly wrong. For a start, opening track: ‘Dresscoat Meat’ grips you with one very catchy riff but it then disintegrates right before you into a painful breakdown with indecipherable pig squeals where a regular death growl would be more appropriate. Secondly, it seems Eternal Torture were trying to experiment with Industrial influences as there are samples of synth music, lo-fi buzzing and a drum machine on tracks: ‘Beautugly’ and ‘Hate Prevails.’ This makes it even more painful to stomach as the sampling is all over the place and I can’t tell if the band were mixing in a particular concept with this sort of sound, or whether they were just experimenting for the sake of it.

As well as the sampling you have a tirade of breakdowns hitting you again and again just as you think the next track might redeem itself from the previous abomination. The sheer horror of it all culminates on ‘Never Forgive and Never Forget’ by which point I had lost all hope that the album could produce anything entertaining.

Eternal Torture have been renowned for their blend of Deathcore, Metalcore and some Nu Metal in the past, but it looks like their blending days have hit rock bottom with this album. It’s as if they took all the outtakes from their cutting room floor and mashed them together hoping they’d come back with something surreal or avant-garde.

I cannot put into words just how dreadful this album is and I only find it worth rating on the grounds it was completed in full. Hear my warning and avoid this album like the plague – even if you are a diehard Deathcore fan.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1. Dresscoat Meat
2. Wardrones
3. Beautugly
4. Hate prevails
5. Never Forgive and Never Forget
6. Social Disaster
7. For the Masses
8. Humanus Venenum
9. Rise in Death
10. Song for the Weak


Andreas Pape – Bass, Vocals
Matthias Trippelsdorf - Guitar
Alex Artes - Guitar
Andi Brecht - Vocals

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