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Eternal Reign
The Dawn of Reckoning
August 2010
Released: 2010, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Eternal Reign from Bremen, Germany started out under the Perfect Crime moniker back in 1997, but they changed their name to their current name Eternal Reign in 2002 after existing 5 years as Perfect Crime. Under this new name Eternal Reign they have recorded 3 full-length studio albums. Their latest, THE DAWN OF RECKONING, features 10 songs plus a cover of Black Sabbath´s “Devil and Daughter”. It also breaks my silence with this German slightly progressive heavy/power metal combo.

After several listens, Eternal Reign´s THE DAWN OF RECKONING does not bring anything new, or groundbreaking to this particular genre of metal at all, but kind of for the band´s little advantage it can also be confessed that this German sextet is pretty much on the top of their game, bringing some of the best sides of melodic heavy/power metal genre out for all these people who love, and are into it.

However, facing the facts as they seem to be appear on Eternal Reign´s latest opus, it´s no breaking news that there seems to be no new flesh on the old bones regarding the material on THE DAWN OF RECKONING. But with all that excellent and professional musicianship how Eternal Reign are capable of fine-tuning their own metal machine for the race of the survival of the fittest, I think the band members can be pretty secure about staying among us for quite some time, basing my opinion solely on the songs on their 3rd effort. Without a question, THE DAWN OF RECKONING is a strong album song-wise, but without any instant surprises that might turn your head by sheer amazement, lacking originality and ending up just sounding like a relatively good album among other good metal albums that unfortunately will never turn out to become any outstanding examples from their metal genre. Despise this, it can also be admitted that the songs are overall catchy, hook-filled and energetic. Naturally having as wide-ranged and passionate vocalist as Durk Stühmer proves to be on THE DAWN OF RECKONING – even occasionally reminding me quite a bit of Tim “Ripper” Owens here and there, certainly helps them to get their name around. Their cover version of “Devil and Daughter” off Sab´s HEADLESS CROSS album, sounds really darn good even if they do not bring new insight into the song at all. We cannot blame them too much for staying loyal to the original song structure either, I guess.

THE DAWN OF RECKONING offers some good moments what it is all about content-wise, but I honestly don´t think many of us will even remember the album after 2 or more years or so, which is kind of a pity for Eternal Reign, of course. It's still worth listening to the album though.
Track Listing

01. Drowned
02. Beyond the Black
03. Lords of Chaos
04. Shadows of the Past
05. Emptiness Devours
06. Lost Clouds
07. Forgotten Sunrise
08. The Beast Within
09. Devil and Daughter (*)
10. Gone Too Far
11. Still Remains

(*) Black Sabbath cover


Dirk Stühmer - Vocals
Michael Sebastian - Guitar
Thorsten Fünfhaus - Guitar
Jörg Hassel - Bass
Lennart Medebach - Drums
Björn Meyer - Keyboards

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